A Maintenance Checklist for Most Common Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Blog | March 25th, 2022

A large percentage of commercial kitchens’ operations relies heavily on various kitchen equipment pieces since they are the ones that can store, prepare, and cook food products.

And so, owners of commercial kitchens should always ensure that their kitchen equipment pieces are in good condition. Without assessing the condition of the equipment pieces before their businesses open, they may end up encountering lengthy delays and losing valuable customers. Maintaining their kitchen equipment pieces can minimise utility costs, reduce unexpected breakdowns, prolong their service life, ensure workplace safety, and offer quality services to customers.

If you are currently managing a commercial kitchen, here are some ways to effectively maintain your kitchen equipment pieces.

Griddle and Range Top

Your griddle and range top should be maintained regularly to prevent the build-up of grease. Grease is one of the by-products of cooking processes. Without removing grease, its flavour can transfer to your dishes, which would prevent customers from recommending your business to others.

To maintain your griddle and range top, you must clean the flat top griddle plate or chargrill grates. The cooking surface of these equipment pieces must also be seasoned. You must likewise empty and clean the grease cup or waste drawer to prevent the transfer of unwanted flavours. Other tasks that you should do are calibrating the thermostat, performing a visual inspection of the equipment pieces, pinpointing any signs of stress and cracks, and replacing worn knobs or controls.


Fryer is another cooking equipment that should be cleaned and maintained regularly. What makes fryer essential to your business is it allows your fried foods to be crispy and fresh without acquiring unnecessary flavours. Your fryer must adhere to an oil filtration and replacement schedule so it can retain its accompanying features and functions.

When maintaining your fryer, its exterior must be wiped down thoroughly. The fryer baskets must also be cleaned to remove leftovers from previous frying activities. The oil of your fryer must likewise be filtered so it remains free from impurities. Remember, however, that the oil must be replaced once a week to make sure that your food products will have great quality. Ultimately, your fryer can retain quality performance if its pilot light, O-rings, blower, and air vents are all checked and cleaned.

Combi Oven

Combi oven has been preferred by commercial kitchen owners as it can heat food effectively. Its excellent performance is attributed to its ability to control its internal humidity, allowing the oven to reduce shrinkage and weight loss of food products. Now, to ensure that your combi oven remains functional, any build-up of scale should be prevented through regular maintenance.

The maintenance of your combi oven can be initiated through cleaning the racks, interiors, food probe, and drip tray. Deliming the steam generator, cleaning the air filters, checking door gaskets and door hinges, and testing the thermostat must also be done to make sure that your combi oven can perform the necessary cooking and heating processes without any problems.

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