Important Things to Remember When Doing a Commercial Kitchen Upgrade

Blog | February 8th, 2022

Food establishments must do everything to ensure that they serve all the needs of their customers effectively. From customer treatment to their offerings, all aspects of their businesses should be considered appropriately.

One aspect of these establishments that should be considered heavily is the condition of the commercial kitchen. A commercial kitchen is designed effectively if it utilises space correctly. It is also well-designed if it is energy-efficient, well-ventilated, and safe. All these qualities depend primarily on the materials and items used for the kitchen. Some of the things that must be accounted for inside a commercial kitchen are kitchen equipment pieces, storage spaces, and cleaning products.

Now, if you want to improve your commercial kitchen, you may have to upgrade it right away. When opting for a commercial kitchen upgrade, here are some things that you should do.

Maintain Flexibility

One of the things that you must do when doing a commercial kitchen upgrade is to maintain the flexibility of your commercial kitchen. You see, a commercial kitchen can only be effective if it can cater to all types of meals that it intends to serve. If your kitchen is not equipped with the right cooking equipment spaces and correct space layout, then it would be difficult for your employees to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Ensuring the flexibility of your kitchen based on your offerings can make it truly profitable.

Consider the Workflow

Commercial kitchens are naturally chaotic and messy. However, they can still be effective if the placement of their elements is correct. For reference, your commercial kitchen should have specific areas that are intended for specific tasks. One of your kitchen areas should be allotted for cleaning, while another area should be designed for inventory and storage. Other tasks that your specific kitchen areas should be carrying out are food preparation, cooking, and service.

Ensure Food Safety

Aside from maintaining flexibility and considering the workflow, another thing that you must do when opting for a commercial kitchen upgrade is to ensure food safety. Food products are recommended to be stored, utilised, and served safely so that they will not be contaminated. If contaminated products are used for cooking meals, you might end up serving poor-quality meals that can harm the customers. Your kitchen must have a layout wherein food safety and health codes are strictly followed.

Conserve Energy

One more thing that you must consider and do when upgrading your commercial kitchen is to ensure the conservation of energy. Your commercial kitchen can be energy-efficient after an upgrade if its equipment pieces are placed in the right areas. For instance, your cold storage units must be placed far away from heat sources for them to not work beyond their usual operations. Additionally, you must maximise range hoods that can eradicate hot air and other elements that could affect the efficiency of equipment pieces.

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