4 Signs You Need Urgent Replacement of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Blog | June 9th, 2022

The functionality and durability of kitchen equipment in the commercial food industry are very important. Kitchen equipment failure is inevitable because of regular wear and tear and constant use. Commercial kitchen equipment plays a key role to ensure business success. So, if you notice these 4 signs in your commercial kitchen equipment, it is an indication that you need an urgent replacement.

Mould and Pest Invasion

Your commercial kitchen equipment needs urgent replacement when you notice mould and pest infestation in the interior portion of the kitchen equipment. Old commercial kitchen equipment is an ideal spot for pests and moulds and can be their breeding ground, especially if not regularly checked and cleaned. This issue is very common for old and rarely used kitchen equipment so, expect that your old kitchen equipment could also be infested with pests and moulds which affects the functionality of the kitchen equipment since the presence of the pests and moulds can lead to faulty wirings.

There are Signs of Rust

Another sign that your commercial kitchen equipment needs urgent replacement is if you start to see signs of rust. It is one of the waysto tell that your commercial kitchen equipment will give up anytime soon. Rusting is a common problem for kitchen equipment, especially for those living near coastal areas. Hence, if you notice rust buildup on your commercial kitchen equipment, maybe it is high time that you replace them with new commercial kitchen equipment and then suffer the consequences of clinging to your kitchen equipment despite the presence of rust.

Slower Speed than Before

One of thesigns that you need to urgently replace your commercial kitchen equipmentis when there is a sign of slower speed and functionality. This can happen because of a lot of factors. An indication of slow response means you must urgently purchase new commercial kitchen equipment to replace the old one. A slow speed affects the functionality of your kitchen equipment and compromises the food quality and productivity of your kitchen staff.

Increased Noise

Increased noise can also be a warning sign that your commercial kitchen equipment urgently needs replacement. Increased noise that is different from the sound it produces before could be because of the mechanical motor which caused the alarming noise. If you notice this sign on your kitchen equipment, then maybe it is time to replace them.

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