The General Process of Black Oxide Coating and Its Advantages

Metal workpieces generally undergo different machining and fabrication processes so that they can generate different types of products. Once these products are produced, manufacturers would often subject them to a wide array of surface finishing processes to effectively enhance their appearance, strength, and other significant qualities. Surface finishing, as previously stated, can alter and improve […]

A Brief Review on the Heat Treatment of Non-Ferrous Metals

Raw ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials must be handled and processed properly to ensure that they can be utilised in a wide array of applications. And to achieve this, manufacturers must apply and conduct specific heat treatment methods so that these materials can sustain remarkable properties. The continuous improvements over the heat treatment methods have […]

Heat Treatment and Martensitic Stainless Steels

There are a lot of products today that are comprised of metal parts and components. And with a wide array of metal materials that can be processed to generate these parts and components, their existence in different industries truly makes them valuable for various applications. One of the metal materials that are often used for […]

Knowing the Difference between Tempering and Other Heat Treatment Methods

Metal materials are typically processed out of various heat treatment methods. Heat treatment, in general, is the process of heating and cooling metal materials to effectively develop and achieve certain physical and mechanical properties. And through the heat treatment process, metal materials can expect significant changes to their softness or hardness. The electrical and heat […]

Remarkable Features of Salt Bath Heat Treatment

Different heat treatment processes are being conducted when working with steels and other types of metals due to numerous reasons. One of the key reasons why these materials undergo the said processes is to improve their overall strength and hardness. These processes can also provide them resistance to elements, particularly corrosion. The physical properties of […]

Primary Types of Aluminium Heat Treatments

Non-ferrous metals are metals that are not comprised of iron content, which gives them significant resistance to corrosion and rust that can be very useful for outdoor applications. They are also non-magnetic, allowing them to be used for electronic applications. One metal that is part of the non-ferrous metal family is aluminium. It is lightweight, […]

How Do Carbon Levels Affect Steel Quality?

One material that is being maximised by numerous industries is steel. It is an alloy of iron that is typically comprised of a few per cent of carbon which can modify its general properties and composition. But generally, this specific material is durable enough to sustain damages from surrounding elements. And compared to other materials, […]