5 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment that Every Restaurant Must Have

Blog | November 19th, 2020

A commercial kitchen can only work effectively if it boasts some important factors. For one, it should possess a highly efficient layout. Additionally, it must have sufficient storage solutions for all food products and equipment. A complete prep station can also make a commercial kitchen successful.

Apart from these factors, commercial kitchens in restaurants and other food establishments should also possess all the essential equipment. An incomplete commercial kitchen can easily ruin the process of food preparation and subsequently affect the performance of the business. So, aside from your range, freezers, coolers, and rubber mats, you should also obtain other equipment that can be useful for you.

To help your restaurant out, here are 5 essential commercial kitchen equipment that you should have.

Char Grills

Char grills are grills that can heat or cook food in high temperatures over a charcoal or wood fire. Most of the time, pieces of meat that are cooked by char grills can possess crispy skin and juicy meat, which mostly characterises best-seller food meals on any restaurant’s menu. Char grills likewise enable food meals to obtain a smoky charred flavour. This kitchen equipment can effectively cook and enhance the flavour of meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Commercial Ovens

Another kitchen equipment that your restaurant should obtain is the commercial oven. One reason behind the use of commercial ovens is that they can heat food in just a few minutes. They may even be integrated with a steam function that can be useful for some types of food. Commercial ovens are ideal for heating baked dishes like lasagne and casseroles. They can also be used for fast, even cooking, grilling, and baking of delicate food dishes.

Bratt Pans

Aside from frying products, bratt pans can also be utilised in braising, searing, and general cooking of food dishes. They can come in either manual or electrical tilting and are designed to produce meals in bulk. Some food products that you can do with bratt pans include caramelised onions, stews, soups, boiled meat, and numerous quantities of garnishes or sauces. Cooking with bratt pans assures you that you can obtain high-quality food in a large volume.


Griddles are pieces of cooking equipment that are normally heated by gas, electricity, wood, or coal. Their broad flat surfaces are expected to cook different sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, and many more in large quantities. Some more food products that can be cooked through griddles include bacon, eggs, and hamburgers. This specific cooking equipment can come in different sizes, allowing your commercial kitchen to gain access to equipment that can easily cook a huge amount of food.

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs can produce dishes similar to gas stoves. The only difference is that gas hobs are designed to fit comfortably on kitchen countertops. As they are attached to the countertops, they can make your commercial kitchen look more stylish and more spacious. Gas hobs also make your cooking process faster and more convenient as they offer a lot of controls and cooking features. They can even cook food evenly thanks to their tremendous cooking power.

We, at A1 Cooking Equipment, have been supplying and manufacturing cooking equipment, refrigeration, and allied items to the hospitality industry for more than 39 years. So, if you want to know more about these pieces of kitchen equipment, just contact us anytime.


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