5 Most Common Issues with Commercial Fryers

Blog | August 23rd, 2021

Commercial kitchens found in restaurants, hotels, and other dining places typically maximise a lot of cooking appliances so that they can serve delicious meals to customers and visitors. Some of the cooking appliances that they maximise are cooktops, ovens, and fryers.

Fryers have been significant to a lot of kitchens due to their simplicity and functionality. With their accompanying oil tank, fryers are generally utilised for deep frying food products. They can also produce tons of delicious meals in just a short time, which is greatly needed for commercial establishments.

Commercial fryers are designed to work for long hours and last for a long time. However, they can still encounter some issues due to different factors. Some of the issues with commercial fryers are as follows:

  1. Faulty Pilot Light

One notable issue with commercial fryers is having a faulty pilot light. The existence of a faulty pilot light often means that the main gas supply valve has some problems. Without fixing the valve, the oil inside the fryers might not be able to reach the desired temperatures. Hence, the main gas supply valve must be checked for any blockage. If the valve, however, is clear from any clog or air, then the thermopile may need to be replaced by a professional.

  1. Clogged Burners

Commercial fryers can carry out their operations perfectly if their burners are evenly lit. If the burners, however, do not work optimally, then they might have some real problems. Burners may not light properly due to the build-up of grease, dust, debris, and food particles. Their orifices might likewise be blocked, which can then result in partial to no lighting. Most of the time, cleaning the burners can already resolve this issue. But if the problem persists, then the fuel lines must be checked for any damages.

  1. Broken Thermostat Controls

The thermostat controls can effectively set the oil temperature of the fryers. But if the thermostat is broken, then the oil may get too hot, making the food too much crispy or overly hard. A broken thermostat can likewise make the oil too cold, producing soggy or overly oily food. Having a broken thermostat often calls for a quick repair or replacement from a technician.

  1. Defective Hi-Limit Switch

Some commercial fryers may maximise hi-limit thermostats, which are typically located inside the oil tank near the burners. If the hi-limit thermostat switch does not work optimally, then the frying oil will not be able to reach its intended temperature. Once the hi-limit switch of the fryer does not work correctly, it would be best for the owner to hire a technician and have it serviced.

  1. Unmaintained Filtration Pump

The filtration pump of commercial fryers is often related to the oil circulation of the said appliances. With a fully functional filtration pump, the oil is expected to circulate effectively inside the oil tank. If the filtration pump, alternatively, does not work well, then the flow may become too weak, which can affect the whole deep-frying process. To resolve this issue, one may have to change the oil filter. It can also be done by replacing the O-rings that accompany the filtration pump.

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