A Brief Comparison between Refurbished and Used Cooking Equipment

Blog | January 5th, 2022

Businesses that must cook and heat food products are recommended to invest in high-quality cooking equipment. By purchasing them, they can quickly serve a lot of customers and gain high revenues.

Many business owners opt for new cooking equipment pieces to ensure that they can maximise their features. But not all businesses have enough money to cover the expenses for significant equipment pieces such as ranges, ovens, steamers, and fryers. Hence, they would end up buying refurbished or used cooking equipment pieces.

One common misconception about these things is that they boast similar qualities. You see, some of their key aspects can be significantly different, making one of them better than another. To know their differences, here are some things that make them distinct from each other.

Physical Condition

One of the things that make refurbished and used cooking equipment distinct from each other is their physical condition. Used cooking equipment pieces often boast surfaces and components that have already been scratched or dented. They would likewise boast paint chips and other indications that they have already been utilised for several months and even years.

Refurbished cooking equipment pieces, on the other hand, do not boast these qualities as they have been processed again thoroughly. Most of them have been restored so they can look new again. They are often applied with a fresh coat of paint and fitted with new panelling and other components. Aside from their exteriors, their internal components are also fixed or replaced so they can work effectively.

Warranty Coverage

Another thing that is different between refurbished and used cooking equipment pieces is their warranty coverage. Refurbished cooking equipment pieces are often assessed with manufacturer-approved tests and calibrations. They even undergo a certification process, ensuring that they can work similarly to the new ones. Once these things are done, appropriate replacements and reconfigurations are done so that they can work and operate similarly to new cooking equipment pieces. They are then given a new warranty coverage so that users can expect significant savings in terms of future servicing.

Used cooking equipment pieces that are not refurbished and have already been used beyond their warranty coverage cannot be serviced freely anymore. Users are often forced to have them checked and repaired in exchange for huge service costs.

Options for Pricing

One more thing that is vastly different between refurbished and used cooking equipment pieces is their pricing options. Used cooking equipment pieces are sold at a very low price since they have already attained years of wear and tear. Most of them have also been used for a long time, making their expected service life shorter than the new and refurbished ones.

Refurbished cooking equipment pieces, on the other hand, can cost higher than the used ones. However, their overall operations are expected to be better than their counterpart. They also require lower maintenance and replacement costs even after using them for a very long time.

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