A Quick Guide to Choosing Your Commercial Range

Blog | October 11th, 2021

Commercial kitchens are expected to be equipped with essential kitchen tools and equipment pieces so they can conveniently conduct cooking and other similar activities. One of the kitchen equipment pieces that they must possess is the commercial range.

A commercial range is a piece of kitchen equipment that is responsible for heating food products. It is mostly comprised of several burners, ensuring that food products can be cooked conveniently. Some types of this kitchen equipment pieces may boast an oven, while others do not possess additional cooking equipment. A commercial range may be powered by either gas or electricity.

If you are looking for a great commercial range for your business, then here are some things that you need to consider.

Power Option

One of the things that you need to consider in choosing your commercial range is its power option. Choosing the perfect power option for your kitchen will mostly depend on your budget, heating requirements, and existing connections.

A gas commercial range may boast a British thermal unit or BTU of between 25,000 and 260,000 and can be controlled precisely through dials. Once turned on, the burners of the range light instantly without spending too many operational costs. A gas commercial range, however, needs pre-existing attachments and equipment, making the overall installation costs expensive.

An electric commercial range, alternatively, depends heavily on tubular metal elements that are covered by protective hot tops or French plates. This range type may come in 204-, 208-, or 480-volt models, with temperatures ranging between 65 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius. The installation of an electric commercial range is easier and cheaper, but its energy consumption can be costly.

Range Width

Another thing that you must consider in picking your range is its overall width. Commercial ranges may have a width between 12” and 72”, with increments of 12” or 18”. Determining the perfect width for your commercial range may be tricky. Fortunately, there are some factors that you may consider.

One factor that you can consider in picking the perfect width of your range is the hood space. Your kitchen is expected to already contain a hood since it is required by the authorities. When picking a range, it must be 6” less than your hood size. So, if you have a 36” hood, then your range must be 30” wide. Another factor that you should consider in choosing the range width is your menu. If you need to cook a lot of food, then opting for a range width of 24” and above is recommended due to its included oven.

Range Type

One more thing that you must consider thoroughly is the type of range. A range can be classified into two groups: restaurant ranges and heavy-duty ranges.

Restaurant ranges are designed to be durable and versatile, ensuring that commercial establishments can conduct their operations optimally. They likewise have burners that can carry out various cooking tasks. Heavy-duty ranges, on the other hand, are expected to operate despite higher volume usage since they are accompanied by other ranges or equipment pieces. They tend to be more expensive and require higher energy output.

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