An Overview of Conveyor Ovens and Why You Should Get One

Blog | December 2nd, 2021

Commercial kitchens can effectively carry out cooking activities if they are equipped with a complete set of kitchen tools and appliances. One kitchen appliance that they must possess is the oven.

Ovens are generally utilised in heating and roasting food. Since commercial kitchens may produce distinct types of meals, manufacturers have also come up with a wide array of ovens. Some well-known classifications of ovens include heat distribution, heat energy sources, size, installation, and added features. Most ovens, however, differ based on the way they distribute heat. Some ovens may be able to heat food primarily from their bottom area, while others can easily heat food from all directions.

One popular type of oven that can heat food from all directions is known as a conveyor oven.

What is a Conveyor Oven?

A conveyor oven is a type of oven that moves food products at a constant speed into a heated chamber. Both the conveyor belt speeds and temperatures can be adjusted based on the requirements of food products, ensuring that the oven would yield great results. This oven can cook and heat food through radiant heat, infrared heat, or forced air impingement.

Many food products can be cooked in a conveyor oven. However, one popular food that is often placed inside the conveyor oven is pizza. A conveyor oven is directly associated with cooking pizzas as it can give great consistency in terms of the pizzas’ overall characteristics thanks to the oven’s effective heat distribution and heat sources. But apart from pizzas, a conveyor oven can also yield great results in cooking chicken tenders, vegetables, grilled cheese, seafood, fries, and sandwiches.

Why Should You Get One?

Now, if your commercial kitchen intends to cook all the food products mentioned earlier, then you should certainly get a conveyor oven. But aside from this specific reason, there are many more reasons why you should get one.

For one, you must obtain a conveyor oven since it is far more consistent than other types of ovens. It can cook food timely, ensuring that it can provide consistent results all the time. Another reason why you should get one is that it can prevent food products from drying out. Other ovens tend to lose moisture from food products, which can affect their overall quality. A conveyor oven, alternatively, can retain the moisture, ensuring that its taste, texture, and others are preserved as well.

You should also purchase a conveyor oven as it is easy to operate. This type of oven does not require complicated skills just to ensure that it operates well. Just like a conventional oven, this type of oven can already yield great results through simple functions and operations. One more reason why you should purchase a conveyor oven is that it can provide a better workflow in your kitchen.

Where to Purchase One?

If you want to purchase a conveyor oven for your commercial kitchen, then feel free to call us at A1 Cooking Equipment. We are a company that supplies cooking equipment, refrigeration, and allied items for various industries, especially in the hospitality sector. We offer a wide range of product options from all the leading brands of kitchen and cooking equipment.

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