Basic Maintenance Guide for Commercial Dishwashers

Blog | April 6th, 2022

Food establishments must maximise commercial kitchens for them to accommodate the storage and cooking needs of employees. These kitchens would be comprised of ranges, ovens, fryers, refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances.

But another aspect of commercial kitchens that business owners must heavily consider is the cleaning of the things used inside and outside these spaces. Since establishments must cook and serve their meals well, they would typically utilise a wide array of dinnerware and tableware. One thing that must be prioritised when using these things is that they must be cleaned and sanitised well.

Commercial dishwashers are appliances that can clean and sanitise pots, pans, glasses, and others with detergent solutions. You must, however, maintain them regularly to keep these appliances operational for a long time. Some maintenance tips that you can do for your dishwashers are as follows.

Follow Cleaning Guidelines

One maintenance tip that you can do for your commercial dishwashers is to follow their cleaning guidelines. Almost all dishwashers come with a manual that states how they can be cleaned properly. Following the guidelines can ensure that they remain clean and functional. Most of them can be cleaned by removing food particles and other debris inside these dishwashers. Additionally, they can be cleaned by eradicating any impurities found on spray nozzles and other interior components.

Replace the Filter Regularly

Commercial dishwashers maximise filters to make sure that any small food bits and particles will not land and accumulate on the newly cleaned dinnerware and tableware. While some are self-cleaning, you must still clean the filters regularly by placing them under running water and cleaning them with a soft brush. For better results, the filters on your commercial dishwashers must be replaced every twenty cycles. They may even be replaced more often, especially if you use the dishwashers more frequently.

Replenish the Interior Tank

The interior tank of your commercial dishwashers stores water for cleaning purposes. Now, if the tank is already empty, it would be impossible to clean your dishes and other kitchenware thoroughly. As you replace your filter, you must also replenish the water in your interior tank. Moreover, if your tank has not been cleaned for a long time, you must have it cleaned first before refilling it with water. Follow the cleaning guidelines set by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the tank.

Let the Dishwashers to Air Dry

Closing your commercial dishwashers right after their operations does not harm their components. But since you are serving meals to customers, you do not want your dishwashers to be filled with harmful bacteria and other microbes. To ensure the cleanliness of your commercial dishwashers, you should allow them to air dry after using them for the workday. Failure to air dry them overnight will only attract harmful bacteria and microbes to accumulate and spread all over your kitchenware.

These tips can preserve the longevity of your commercial kitchens as well as ensure their reliability and cleanliness. To know more about these appliances, you can call us at A1 Cooking Equipment.

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