Buy Reconditioned Cooking Equipment: Your Practical and Budget-Friendly Option

Blog | December 1st, 2017

Outfitting a commercial kitchen is a pricey investment that can overwhelm those in the hospitality industry if they do not understand how to go about it in the most cost-effective fashion. While you may think that your only option for quality cooking equipment is to buy all new items, you are overlooking another option, namely reconditioned used equipment from a reputable company. Experts repair and restore the reconditioned cooking equipment back to its original operating condition and appearance before the company sells it to clients. Our company of A1 Cooking Equipment carries an assortment if this type of commercial cooking pieces to help outfit restaurants and other commercial food-oriented entities in budget-friendly way.

Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Cooking Equipment

• Saving money is the top reason to buy refurbished cooking equipment. You can purchase pieces for far less than what the same new pieces will cost you.
• The ability to buy additional pieces of equipment, thanks to the above savings. Add special pieces to enhance your kitchen without going over your budget.
• Recycling used items to keep them out of landfills is another advantage to buying second-hand, reconditioned cooking equipment. If you are environmentally conscious at all, this benefit will be of special interest to you.
• At times, used equipment is less difficult to learn how to operate than newer models of the same equipment is with the complex innovations. Older models are just as effective cooking food as newer ones are, and often, the only difference between them and newer models is the inclusion of special digital features that you may or may not require for your daily operations.

Examples of Our Refurbished Cooking Equipment Offerings

Here at A1 Cooking Equipment, our supply of refurbished cooking equipment varies and if we do not have what you need, check back later. At present, our stock includes such pieces as:

• Combi-steamer by Convotherm model number Oes 20-10
• Self-cooking center combi-steamer by Rational model number Scc 201
• Hot box by Sharp Line
• Char grill by Fagor model number Bgg-10
• Tilting bracc pan by Garland
• Two-hole wok by 888
• 600-mm char grill by Waldorf
• Self-cooking centre combi-steamer by Rational model number Sccwe201

*Note: We also offer refurbishing services for your own equipment to bring it back to optimal standards when necessary.*

For further facts about why you should buy reconditioned cooking equipment, consult with our company or browse through our website. Our company delivers quality products and services 100 percent of the time since we have been manufacturing and supplying cooking and refrigeration equipment and related items to various entities within the hospitality industry for over 39 years. Reconditioning commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment is part of our expertise.

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