Buy Used Kitchen Equipment: A Practical Choice for Your Commercial Kitchen

Blog | February 14th, 2018

When the time comes that you need to fill up your commercial kitchen with kitchen equipment, you’ll suddenly realise just how expensive this project can be. Operating a commercial kitchen will mandate that you have high-quality equipment that can suit a wide variety of dishes. Rather than purchasing these equipment brand new, straight from the box, we advocate for the pursuit of reconditioned, or used, kitchen equipment. Why would you consider used kitchen equipment? We’re glad that you asked. Let’s find out why used kitchen equipment can save your commercial kitchen while doing your bank account a world of wonder!

Purchasing Used Kitchen Equipment

While buying an all-new kitchen equipment can feel nice, it’s the last thing you want to do if you are considering being budget-friendly and economical. Buying reconditioned kitchen equipment can be a great way to boost your kitchen while enhancing your library of equipment. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying reconditioned kitchen equipment:

1) Price Point – Purchasing refurbished kitchen gear can immediately cut the cost of your purchase in half. Reconditioned kitchen equipment looks and feels new but it comes to you at an affordable price.

2) Expanded Selection – When you are willing to buy used kitchen equipment, you can suddenly afford a whole lot more of it. Keeping your kitchen fully stocked gets a ton easier when you aren’t fighting with your wallet in order to make it happen.

3) Recycling/Going Green – Perhaps the most important aspect of opting to purchase used and reconditioned kitchen equipment is that you are essentially saving the planet in a small way. Used kitchen gear, after it has properly been refurbished, stays in the market for a much longer time — thus avoiding landfills. Additionally, the process of manufacturing new, high-quality, kitchen gear can lead to greenhouse gases being put into the environment.

The A1 Cooking Equipment Advantage

There are a wide variety of benefits when it comes to purchasing used cooking equipment. Does that mean you should hop online and immediately order up everything from the first website that you stumble across? Nope! We may be biased, but we believe in the power of the A1 Cooking Equipment advantage.

Here at A1 Cooking Equipment, we have been leaders in the industry for almost 40 years. Throughout that time we have specialised in reconditioning used kitchen equipment and delivering the items to our customers quickly and efficiently. Our professional customer service associates can help lead you to the products you need at the price you desire.

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