Commercial Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment Available at A1 Cooking Equipment

Blog | November 10th, 2017

If you are an owner of a restaurant, bar or other type of food service entity, chances are high that you require reliable commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment to serve your customers, visitors and/or guests in an efficient fashion. Without this type of equipment, you will suffer inconvenient breakdowns that disrupt the speed of your service. Since you are in the Melbourne area of Australia, you are in luck since our company, A1 Cooking Equipment, will supply all your needs for durable, functional refrigeration and cooking equipment.

A1 Has Years of Experience with Commercial Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment

With our company having over 39 years of experience in this industry, we deliver quality products and services in a reputable, reliable and timely manner. We understand that the needs of our clients are important to the success of their businesses.

We Carry a Wide Assortment of Major Brands

Since we strive to provide reliable equipment to ensure that you have as few issues as possible each day, we sell a wide variety of major brands of refrigeration and cooking equipment, including the following:

• Garland
• Goldstein
• Waldorf
• Wolf
• Rational
• Convotherm
• Sharpline
• Eswood
• Washtec
• Rhima
• Winterhalter
• A1
• Williams
• Starline
• Jomack
• Brice
• Brema

A1 Also Offers Refurbishment Services and Refurbished Equipment for Sale

If your equipment has plenty of life still left in it, we will refurbish it to a like-new condition. Our refurbishment services are less expensive than if you need to purchase new pieces of equipment.

Our Company Will Custom Build Equipment When Necessary

In the event that our stock pieces do not fulfil your needs, we will custom build freezers, refrigerators, stainless steel benches and even canopies. We analyse your requirements and design the ideal equipment when we perform this action.

Crews from Our Company Will Dispose of Your Obsolete Equipment for a Fee

Along with installing your equipment purchases for you, we will dispose of your obsolete pieces of an additional fee. Ask for a quote for your specific pieces to learn the exact cost of this service in your circumstances.

For in-depth facts about the commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment that is available here at A1 Cooking Equipment, either contact us or browse through our site. We believe in developing long-term relationships with all of our clients, so that they will continue to rely on us for their refrigeration and cooking equipment needs for their businesses. Our company promises to deliver the best possible equipment and services each and every time an order comes in for us to fulfil.

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