Commercial Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment Preparation for the Holiday Rush

Blog | October 20th, 2019

As the year-end approaches, businesses already forecast a really busy Holiday Season schedule, especially those that are in the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, and cafés will surely be crammed with demanding customers, add to the fact that there will be plenty of bookings for private parties and corporate events. Holiday rush is such a demanding phase that calls for attention to every detail and for hospitality industries, this is something that calls for a lot of preparedness.

Commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment are just two common commercial kitchen equipment that are almost always overused on a daily basis. It is essential for business owners and managers to keep them clean and well-maintained. This is to prevent equipment damage and also for food safety and sanitation compliance.

The importance of running a kitchen smoothly especially during holiday season is vital to the success of a business. Any kitchen equipment breakdown is unacceptable especially when the cause of failure is due to poor maintenance. Commercial kitchens with poorly maintained cooking and refrigeration equipment can cause a huge impact to the business’ overall integrity and performance.

Pre-Holiday Maintenance Tips

Here are a few pre-holiday season maintenance tips to help owners and managers be prepared for the holiday rush and avoid kitchen equipment breakdown.

  1. Prioritise on Daily Cleaning

Cleaning your commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment daily can help prevent the build-up of food scraps, dirt, moulds, and other debris that can cause equipment failure and breakdown especially during holiday rush. It is always wise to keep everything well-cleaned up after every use. Sanitation is something that must never be taken for granted especially in food handling and daily cleaning helps prevent bad bacteria from spreading

  1. Carry out a Self-Inspection

Self-inspection on commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment is important and should be done on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure that all moving parts and utility connections are operational, properly connected, not worn out, and no damage can be seen. Any damage, whether a small tear or a missing screw must not be taken for granted. Call the professional appliance repair specialists immediately to fix or replace any broken or damaged part.

  1. Change Water Filter

You would never want any harmful bacteria like E-coli, legionella, or salmonella to enter your tap water. If you’re relying on your filtration system to supply clean water for drinking and for ice cubes, then your water filter must be changed regularly. The busy holiday rush will call for more water consumption from customers and it will be very bad if they would start complaining about dirty ice and drinking water, let alone having a bad diarrhoea or stomach flu.

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