Commercial Kitchen Equipment: When is the Time to Do a Refurbishment?

Blog | July 2nd, 2019

Owning or managing a commercial kitchen can be a difficult yet rewarding task. The major pitfall that restaurant owners have to overcome is when issues begin to manifest with their kitchen equipment. As you undoubtedly know, commercial kitchen equipment isn’t always the most affordable thing that you could spend your money on. When it comes to outfitting your commercial kitchen, you do have other options outside of purchasing brand new equipment. One of your options is to refurbish your existing kitchen equipment. Refurbishing is all about taking an old piece of equipment and making it usable again. So, when should you consider having your old kitchen equipment refurbished?

When Should You Refurbish Your Equipment

When we talk about refurbished kitchen equipment, we are talking about old products that were restored to a ‘like-new’ condition. While your refurbished product won’t BE brand new, it should, at the very least, behave as if it were brand new. Getting your equipment refurbished is significantly more affordable than buying a brand new piece of equipment. However, you should only have your equipment refurbished if it meets a certain set of requirements. Here is how we would approach deciding whether or not to have your commercial kitchen equipment refurbished.

1) Age of Equipment – First, take a look at how old your failing commercial kitchen equipment is. For stoves and storage supplies, you can get away with older products. However, once you start talking about refrigerators and freezers, you might want to consider refurbishing them sooner rather than later.

2) Nature of Failure – Now, this is the most important aspect to consider. Are you experiencing frequent issues? Do you frequently find yourself ordering replacement parts? If you are experiencing problems that manifest on a routine basis, you are probably better off having your equipment refurbished rather than continually pour money into repair work.

3) Upgrade Options – Sometimes newer equipment can be reasonably priced. In fact, some upgraded commercial kitchen equipment can handle multiple jobs at once. Before deciding whether or not to refurbish your failing equipment, take a look at the potential upgrades that are available to you. If an upgraded product is reasonably priced, purchase the brand new version rather than spend money on refurbishing the older model.

Refurbishing your older commercial kitchen equipment isn’t always a black and white decision. There will be times when you’ll wish you refurbished sooner. There will also be times when you wish you went ahead and bought a new piece of equipment. In either event, our team at A1 Cooking Equipment can help you out. Call us today in order to discuss your situation and we’ll be happy to walk you toward a solution.

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