Commercial Kitchen Fit Outs and Essentials for Hospitality Business

Blog | May 25th, 2020

Hospitality businesses usually have kitchens for them to serve guests and customers with delicious meals. However, these kitchens can only provide high-quality service if their whole place has an effective and efficient layout. Essential elements must also be present so that the whole kitchen crew can deliver the best food that they can provide without any delays and issues.

If you are considering fitting out your commercial kitchen, then you should acquire the following essentials to keep your hospitality business up and running.

Cooking Equipment

For your commercial kitchen to succeed, you must obtain numerous cooking equipment that will allow you to cook different types of food. Kitchen employees rely heavily on the availability of several cooking equipments. Without complete cooking equipment, the efficiency and flow of your entire kitchen will undeniably suffer. Some cooking equipment that you must have are ovens, ranges, burners, grills, griddles, and deep fryers.

Refrigeration System

And even if you have complete cooking equipment, the quality of your raw food products must be preserved in the best way possible. One important essential in commercial kitchens is your refrigeration system. All equipment used for this system allows you to store food products under low temperatures, preserve their overall quality, and prevent them from spoiling easily. A refrigeration system is normally comprised of freezers, fridges, ice makers, crushers, and storage.

Benchtop Equipment

For food processes and preparation, you must have some high-quality tools ready for your kitchen crew. Some examples of benchtop equipment are food processors, blenders, and mixers, which all helps in blending smoothies, milkshakes, and other creamy drinks. Slicers, on the other hand, provide a simple and hygienic way to prepare high volumes of food like meat and vegetables. Other benchtop equipments that you should have are salamanders, toasters, and beverage brewers.

Commercial Dishwashers

Aside from food preparation, serving, and storage, your commercial kitchen must also obtain essentials in cleaning your used products and items. Your tableware, cutlery, pots, and pans should be thoroughly cleaned and washed for the benefit of your employees and your guests. Some types of dishwashers that you may want to obtain include under bench dishwashers, pass-through and rack conveyor dishwashers, pot and utensil washers, and glasswashers.

Benches and Storage

Other essential things that your commercial kitchen must have enough food preparation and storage area. Your food preparation tables must be made from stainless steel as it is resilient to dents and scratches and easier to clean. Your tables must also have a design and layout that can boost the productivity of your employees. Food storage systems that you should obtain are ingredient bins, storage containers, and preserving jars.

Exhaust Canopies

Commercial kitchens can be filled up with smoke if there is no special equipment installed. So, every commercial kitchen must install exhaust canopies, hood, and exhaust fans as they can help in extracting and filtering airborne grease, fumes, heat, smoke, and steam. Once these elements are filtered, your exhaust system will draw them out of the building through the air.

With these commercial kitchen essentials, you are ensured that your hospitality business will become successful for the years to come. If you need to hire commercial kitchen fit out services, just contact us at A1 Cooking Equipment. We can custom build refrigerators, freezers, stainless steel benches, and canopies for the use of hospitality businesses.

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