Common Refrigeration Equipment Used in Commercial Kitchens

Blog | June 11th, 2020

Commercial kitchens are usually found in restaurants, hotels, and other areas that require food meals to customers or guests. And for these kitchens to perform efficiently, business owners must invest in numerous refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration equipment in commercial kitchens is very important since it offers temperature control over food products. Placing food products under refrigeration help maintain their safety and preserve their quality. The use of refrigeration equipment also helps in providing adequate storage spaces for food products that must be used in fresh, raw conditions.

If you are looking for the right refrigeration equipment for your commercial kitchen, then check the following out:

Countertop Refrigerator

Commercial kitchens can maximise the functionalities of countertop refrigerators since they can be placed anywhere. This type of refrigerator can be placed at or near the checkout counter. It can also be used behind a bar top. Whatever your customers need, you can easily serve them with food and beverages out of this refrigerator. When buying a countertop refrigerator, it must be made from quality stainless steel 304 with the combination of a glass door, foam insulation, and other viable components.

Ice Maker

The presence of ice in a commercial kitchen is very important especially if you are serving beverages that need to be ice cold. In preserving the purity and quality of ice, you need to purchase a good performing ice maker for your business to thrive. Some great ice makers have rapid cooling to ensure a continuous supply of ice. They also have temperature control cooling system and an energy-saving chip that prevent the breeding of bacteria and prolong their service life.

Pizza and Sandwich Prep Station

Most commercial kitchens have pizza, salad, and sandwich prep stations so that they can easily set up the ingredients and prepare them for an actual meal. In buying your prep station, it must have adequate space for all the ingredients and kitchen tools that you will be needing for a more efficient workflow. It must also be made from either stainless steel or marble so that your staff will have a smooth place for making pizza, salad, or sandwich. You can also have it customised to meet your desired dimensions.

Reach-ins Freezer

Reach-in freezers work by pulling in ambient air through their compressor to regulate their internal temperature. Reach-in freezers help you store your bagged ice, burger patties, ice creams, and other frozen products under cooling temperature until they are ready to be prepared, cooked, and served. What is great about reach-in freezers, and even refrigerators, is that they come in a wide range of sizes. They can also be placed at certain key kitchen locations, which makes food access easier.

Acquiring all the mentioned refrigeration equipment for your commercial kitchen can help your business prepare whatever meal you want to serve. If you need want help in choosing them, feel free to call us at A1 Cooking Equipment.

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