Customised Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Canopies: Functions and Quality Combined

Blog | August 27th, 2018

Walk into any well-equipped commercial kitchen and you’ll no doubt find a variety of different utilities to be eye-catching. Perhaps most impressive of all, you’ll notice the large commercial kitchen exhaust canopies that hang over every heated device in the room. These exhaust canopies are incredibly important to the safe day-to-day operation of the kitchen but most people don’t even know what they do or why they are necessary. Today, we are going to take a step back in order to teach you about the many benefits and functions of a quality commercial kitchen exhaust canopy. Let’s begin our discussion!

Kitchen Exhaust Canopies – Benefits and Functions 
Whether you are building a commercial kitchen from scratch or merely updating your already established kitchen, you need to spend time considering the installation of a commercial exhaust canopy. These canopies are incredibly important not just for the comfort of your kitchen, but also for the safety as well. Most people assume that these canopies exist simply to suck out potential smoke from a kitchen. While this is true, these canopies also work hard to make your kitchen comfortable and safe in other ways. Let’s break down a few of those key benefits and functions now!

1) Clean the Air – With a commercial exhaust canopy installed over your ranges or stoves, you are going to have the ability to keep the air cleaner than you otherwise would be able to. Not only are you removing obvious steam and smoke, but your canopies are also removing particulates in the air

2) Reduce Bacteria and Germs
– As we pointed out above, you actually clean the air in the room while your exhaust is running. You’ll reduce toxic air particulates as well as the potential build-up of germs and bacterial growth. Your countertops and other kitchen surfaces will be cleaner as a result.

3) Heat Reduction
– Commercial kitchens are hot in the best of circumstances, so a commercial kitchen exhaust canopy is immediately beneficial in terms of turning the temperature down. With your exhaust canopy running, you’ll find that excess heat is sucked out of and removed from the room. This makes your work environment much easier to handle for your staff.

4) Additional Lighting – Rounding out our list of qualities and functions, exhaust canopies can improve the general lighting of your commercial kitchen. Typically, these exhaust canopies will be equipped with lights in order to properly illuminate the work surfaces below.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider adding commercial kitchen exhaust canopies to your facility. Call A1 Cooking Equipment today for an in-depth discussion on potential products!

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