Customised Cooking Equipment That Matches Your Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Blog | December 6th, 2017

Outfitting a commercial kitchen of any kind is a daunting task since you will negatively affect the kitchen’s efficiency if you omit important equipment. At times, you can buy stock items that will fulfil your needs, but at other times, you will need to seek out customised cooking equipment for one reason or another. To be successful in your search, all you require is a quality supplier of this type of equipment. Luckily, A1 Cooking Equipment specialises in custom commercial cooking equipment and other related items pertinent to the restaurant and hospitality industry.

We Have Years of Experience

With over 39 years in this industry, we provide superior products and workmanship with each order. Whether you require stock items or customised ones, you can rest easy when you deal with us. You will receive durable, properly operating pieces each and every time you buy from our company.

Our Company Will Create Cooking Equipment According to Your Specifications

Items that we customise include canopies, stainless steel benches, freezers, refrigerators and more. You may need unique features that are not available on stock models or you may require an unusual size or shape, and we can accommodate all of these needs through customisation. Each piece fits into your kitchen perfectly since it is manufactured according to your special requirements. We craft every detail to perfection to work in an optimal manner.

A1 Cooking Equipment Also Reconditions Commercial Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment

Another area of our expertise involves reconditioning used equipment either for our clients or to resell. We take equipment that still has years left in it and refurbishes it to look and operate like it did when it was new.

We Strive to Build Long-Term Relationships with Our Clients

Our staff members work closely with you to discover your needs and specifications. A1 Cooking Equipment understands that building a long-term relationship with you and our other clients is the best way for us to stay prosperous and in a position to help all of our clients with their customised cooking equipment and other equipment needs for years to come. For this reason, we provide a wide assortment of services that include:

• Equipment customisation
• Sales for both used and new equipment
• Technical follow-up and service
• Shop design and setups
• Refurbishment of equipment to prolong its usefulness
• Free advice and guidance

Schedule an appointment soon to learn additional facts about the customised cooking equipment that we can provide to you. We will match it with your commercial kitchen needs and requirements as closely as possible.

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