Declutter Commercial Kitchen Space by Removing Obsolete Cooking Equipment

Blog | November 5th, 2019

More often than not, a commercial kitchen is designed to mass produce a larger amount of food. They are constructed for production and food safety to accommodate a higher demand for the said necessity. These facilities are often inspected and licensed in order to make sure that the standards for cleanliness and safe food handling are observed. Different health inspection agencies work with different types of commercial kitchen spaces. The inspection for commercial kitchen spaces begins at the moment it was designed. As such, the licence for their operations must be renewed annually.

That is why decluttering these commercial kitchen spaces is a must.  In order to avoid further violations from the proper authorities, commercial kitchen spaces must ensure that they abide by the cleanliness and health guidelines of such regulatory agencies. One way of doing so is by removing obsolete cooking equipment. Below are the reasons why you must remove obsolete cooking equipment in your commercial kitchen spaces.

Useless or Non-Functional

Cooking equipment in commercial kitchens that are no longer useful or necessary must be replaced with functional ones. There is no use in trying to keep these tools if they do not serve their purpose anymore. They only increase the number of clutter in your commercial kitchen space that might result in having an untidy rating from health inspection agencies.

Takes Up Space

Commercial kitchen spaces are larger than residential kitchen spaces for a reason. They had to accommodate larger cooking equipment that can mass produce ingredients and food. By having obsolete cooking equipment in your commercial kitchen space, you will leave no space for other cooking equipment that is useful and functional.

Accumulates Dirt and Bacteria

An obsolete cooking equipment that is left unused is normally unclean. Since it is no longer functional, you will find no reason and time to maintain its cleanliness. Therefore, it accommodates dust, dirt, and rust that might be detrimental to food safety. By removing this obsolete cooking equipment, you will prevent the contamination of your commercial kitchen space, thus ensuring that the food you prepare is within health and safety standards.

Enables Repurposing

It is possible that this cooking equipment maybe deemed as obsolete to you but it does not mean that is not functional for others. By removing this cooking equipment from your commercial kitchen space, you can increase the chance of them being used elsewhere. Their disuse does not necessarily mean that they cannot be repurposed as a new material. By doing this, you will not be merely disposing it as a waste material, thus eliminating excess waste for the environment.

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