Different Types of Commercial Baking Ovens

Blog | December 3rd, 2020

Baking is a type of food preparation process that utilises dry heat. This specific heat would usually come from an oven, but it can also be generated by hot ashes or hot stones. As for commercial purposes, most food establishments would maximise commercial ovens to quickly bake food products, which mostly include cakes, cookies, and loaves of bread.

Aside from their baking functions, commercial ovens can also help establishments cook, roast, broil, and even steam food products. Given the versatility of these ovens, you must choose and purchase ones that can be beneficial for your business. To date, there are numerous types of commercial baking ovens that you can choose to effectively meet the baking or cooking requirements of your establishment. Some of the most common types of commercial baking ovens are as follows:

Convection Ovens

One type of oven that you can spot in almost all food establishments today is the convection oven. Convection ovens are effective in baking bread, pastries, cakes, pies, and brownies since they can circulate the warm air evenly to these food products through their fans or steam injections. These added features likewise help them create even browning to the food products. Convection ovens are one of the least expensive types of ovens that you can acquire today.

Deck Ovens

If you are offering specific types of bread or pizzas, then you may want to obtain a deck oven for your business. Deck ovens have huge stone shelves or cooking decks that are heated through a heating element. And with these shelves o decks, you can easily obtain food products that have a distinctive, crispy crust and a soft and moist inside. Deck ovens have few moving parts, allowing them to last for a long time. They, however, require significant space since their shelves or decks have large dimensions.

Roll-in Rack Ovens

Wheeling a pan rack that is full of food products right into the oven can be done through roll-in rack ovens. The principles behind these ovens are somehow similar to proofing cabinets, allowing you to save a huge amount of time and labour due to their simpler food handling processes. Roll-in rack ovens can be more beneficial for you if you have roll-in proofing cabinets. With these cabinets, you can easily rack and proof food products before rolling them into the oven for baking and rolling them out for cooling.

Revolving Ovens

Revolving ovens are equipped with large revolving trays that can be used for loading food products. This type of oven works similarly to rotisserie-style ovens that can be found on deli or market. These ovens can easily accommodate and bake many food products, which then directly translates to their high costs.

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