Different Types of Ovens for Commercial Use

Blog | July 29th, 2020

In preparing, cooking, and serving meals for their customers or visitors, commercial kitchens must be equipped with the right type of kitchen utensils, furniture, and equipment so that they can offer a wide variety of food meals. Using the correct cooking equipment for specific food meals can also effectively maintain great rapport between the business and its target customers.

One equipment that commercial kitchens and establishments must possess is an oven. An oven plays a vital role in heating, baking, and cooking food products. It has a thermally insulated chamber that performs all these mentioned functionalities. To date, there are several types of ovens that are being used by different commercial kitchens in cooking and preparing food meals and items. For your guidance, here is some useful information about the different types of ovens.

Combination Oven

A combination or combi oven has three different cooking methods that cater to a wide range of dishes. The cooking methods of a combi oven are convection cooking, steam cooking, and combination cooking. Convection or the circulation of dry heat allows the baking of bread or roasting of meats. Alternatively, the steam cooking method is used for cooking fish, rice, and vegetables, which results in perfect food texture. The combination method, ultimately, combines convection and steam cooking methods in producing moist and flavourful food. A steady supply of water and energy is needed to keep this oven running.

Microwave Grill Oven

A microwave grill oven is a microwave oven that has heating coils, which allow it to roast and grill food products like eggs, bacon, bread, and others. The electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range supplies the oven the needed heat for food. Additionally, microwave grill oven has an added tube for more effective cooking and grilling. Most of these ovens are powered by electricity so that they can function optimally. Investing in a microwave grill equips a commercial kitchen with a quick way of grilling and roasting food items that are indicated on its menu.

Convection Microwave Oven

As the name implies, a convection microwave oven combines the capabilities of the convection oven and the microwave oven. This type of oven has a heating element and a fan that allows air to circulate and evenly distribute heat around a food product or meal. The electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency is also present with this type of oven. The presence of these two elements allows the food to be cooked quickly. Some food may even possess some sort of browning and crispiness when they are being cooked in a convection microwave oven.

Steam Oven

A steam oven utilises pressurised steam in cooking food such as vegetables, seafood, meats, rice, and grains. The circulation of steam within the oven can maintain the moisture, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of the food, making every meal tasty and nutritious. Moreover, food products that are placed inside a steam oven remain crisp, moist, and tender.

Knowing the characteristics and properties of these ovens can help you choose the best cooking equipment for your commercial kitchen or facility. If you want to purchase an oven, just give us a call at A1 Cooking Equipment. We have been supplying and manufacturing cooking equipment, refrigeration, and allied items to the hospitality industry for around 40 years.

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