Food Preparation Equipment for Commercial Kitchens – Part 1

Blog | June 8th, 2018

Whether you are operating a small kitchen in your home or a massive kitchen within a hospital, your goal is going to be the same: properly feed your customers with food that is tasty and safe to eat. Commercial kitchens have a tougher time of things in comparison to smaller kitchens and that means that their owners are going to have to get creative when seeking out how to most effectively stock their kitchen. Today, we are going to set our sights on the role of food preparation equipment inside of your commercial kitchen. We are going to discuss the benefits of buying used commercial food preparation kitchen equipment while outlining the most popular tools that you’ll need for the job.

Commercial Food Preparation Equipment

If you were to spend any measure of time thumbing through a food prep catalogue, you’d almost certainly be baffled by the sheer amount of products available to you. As it turns out, there are many ways to address the way that you stock your commercial kitchen with food prep equipment. Today, we are going to peel back a little bit and focus on the most important tools that you’ll need to be adding. These tools work wonders to help you improve your efficiency and improve the quality of food that you are serving.

1) Meat Slicers – If you are going to be dealing with meat, and you likely are, you are going to need a meat slicer. These machines allow you to quickly feed different kinds of meat into a specialised carriage in order to quickly get perfectly sliced food.

2) Planetary Mixers – There isn’t a recipe around that wouldn’t benefit from a commercial planetary mixer. This industrial-looking product allows you to quickly and effectively mix pretty much anything in a quick and easy fashion.

3) Meat Grinders – Meat grinders are almost a required part of your commercial food prep stations. Meat grinders allow you to quickly grind and mix down different kinds of meats for anything from making meatballs to preparing casseroles.

4) Salad Driers – Finally, almost every commercial kitchen on the planet can benefit from a salad drier, or salad spinner. These machines quickly toss the ingredients in your salad in order to wash and strip the greens of any excess water. Salad driers are a staple in every commercial kitchen.

If you are ready to take the next step in stocking your commercial kitchen, give us a call today. We’ll walk you through the product options available for the problems that you need solved.

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