How Can Your Restaurant Benefit from a Combi Steamer?

Blog | October 25th, 2021

Commercial kitchens can only work optimally if they own a wide variety of cooking equipment pieces. One of the equipment pieces that they should possess is the oven.

An oven is a type of cooking equipment that maximises heat in roasting and heating food products. It utilises gas or heating elements in generating hot air before it can be transferred into the food. To date, ovens can be grouped into various types depending on their associated functions. One popular type of oven that is known to be very useful for commercial kitchens is the combi steamer.

A combi steamer oven is an all-around oven that can carry out steaming, grilling, convection, and microwave functions optimally. If you currently own or run a restaurant, here are some notable reasons why a combi steamer oven can be great for your business.

Produce High-Quality Food

One of the benefits of having a combi steamer oven for your restaurant is that it can produce high-quality food products and meals. This specific benefit is possible since this type of oven can enhance the taste of food. It can even retain the food’s nutrient value, which is valuable for a lot of customers. When operated at correct temperatures, the oven can yield more tender meats and more flavourful vegetables. Even if multiple variations of foods are placed inside, their flavour and taste will not get mixed up with others.

Preserve Preparation Time

A combi steamer oven makes your restaurant very productive since you do not have to use a lot of cooking equipment. But what makes a combi steamer oven special is that it allows you to save preparation time. Some combi steamers have regeneration capability, which is a feature that allows one to reheat meals without losing their core crispness or moisture. This feature allows you to process tons of food in the middle of the working week and reheat them whenever needed.

Provide Consistent Results

Another great benefit of a combi steamer oven for your restaurant is that it can provide you with consistent results. No matter what meal you are planning to produce, the combi steamer oven can effectively carry out processes that are needed for your food without adding unnecessary flavour, aroma, and others. Its processes are then ensured to be precise all the time, regulating its temperature and humidity at levels that would not tamper with the primary characteristics of your food.

Reduce Maintenance Needs

One more thing about a combi steamer oven that can be beneficial for your restaurant is it does not require strenuous maintenance requirements. This specific type of oven does not need a lot of oil to carry out its cooking processes. Hence, it will not release smoke that often causes a piece of cooking equipment to get dirty. Some combi steamers even have an automatic descaling function that can conveniently remove the accumulation of minerals and other dirt elements.

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