How to Maintain the Performance of Your Commercial Fryer?

Blog | May 9th, 2021

Restaurants, bakeshops, hotels, and other places that have commercial kitchens normally use a wide array of kitchen tools and appliances to perform cooking activities. After all, these places exist to prepare and serve delicious meals to customers.

One of the commercial appliances that these places often have is a fryer. A fryer is a type of cooking appliance that utilises a huge amount of oil to fry cook certain food products. It typically features a basket that can be lowered to dip the food into the oil. This basket can then be lifted and raised once the food has been cooked. Certain types of fryers may boast features such as timers, alarms, ventilation systems, and oil filtration system, allowing them to cook food effectively and safely.

But despite the presence of these functional add-ons, commercial fryers still have to be used and maintained optimally. If you currently use these commercial appliances, then here are some tips that you may want to consider and carry out to fully optimise their performance.

Maintain Proper Cooking Habits

The performance of commercial fryers is often anchored to the quality of oil that they utilise. So, to ensure that their oil quality remains good, then you must maintain proper cooking habits throughout their usage. One cooking habit that you should do is to eradicate any ice particles before frying frozen food products. Additionally, salting of food above the oil should be prevented to reduce any debris from getting into it. A skimmer should likewise be used to remove larger sediments out of the oil. The oil temperature must also be adjusted according to the type of food you are cooking to achieve better results.

Filter the Fryer Oil / Shortening

Aside from maintaining cooking habits, the oil of your fryers must also be filtered at least once a day to preserve its effectiveness. Its filtration can likewise be done whenever the fryer well will be cleaned. If you have enough budget, you can buy and maximise a mechanical fryer oil filter machine so that it can filter a huge amount of oil for you. If you are, however, filtering small amounts of oil, then you can use an oil filter bag to make things easier. Filter papers or bags can also be used to filter your fryer oil. Keep in mind that when filtering the oil, you must wear adequate body protection to avoid obtaining severe burns.

Clean the Oil Well Appropriately

After draining and filtering the oil of your commercial fryers, you must now clean the oil well. The cleaning of your oil well can start by pouring a little amount of hot oil back into the tank to effectively remove any sediment on both your drain tube and heating tubes. Afterwards, you can scrub the oil well surfaces with a fryer brush. A metallic scouring pad should never be used to avoid damaging the metal surfaces and other sensitive components. Any sediment build-up that you may spot on the corners of your well can be then removed by a soft, damp cloth.

These basic tips can help you maximise the operations and performance of your commercial fryers. If you need some more help, feel free to call us at A1 Cooking Equipment.


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