How to Save on Commercial Kitchen Equipment Costs During Pandemic

Blog | February 10th, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted a lot of important aspects in businesses. For one, it has restricted employees from interacting personally to each other as physical distancing must be followed strictly. The pandemic also brought changes to the way businesses function as some of their operations are still limited. It has also negatively affected the overall revenue and expenses of businesses.

While there are a lot of businesses that have generated enough revenue out of their daily operations, they still must save a significant amount of money just to sustain their operations. Luckily, businesses that serve meals are lucky enough to still operate amidst these trying times since food is essential. But for their operations to continue, they must spend their money wisely during this pandemic.

One factor that food businesses can save on is commercial kitchen equipment. Instead of buying new ones, commercial businesses should redirect their expenditures towards refurbished kitchen equipment as they can offer the following benefits:

Significant Savings

What is great about pieces of refurbished kitchen equipment is that they normally cost cheaper compared to new ones. And since they are checked and assessed carefully before their sale, the overall value that commercial kitchens can get from them will be truly worthwhile for their money. You will not expect kitchen equipment pieces that have missing parts, signs of deterioration, and any other defects.

Discounted Prices

And if a particular food business decides to purchase many pieces of kitchen equipment, then its owner may want to negotiate the prices with the seller. Usually, businesses that sell refurbished kitchen equipment can offer great discounts to customers who want to buy numerous items in one transaction. This could truly benefit businesses who want to decrease their expenses during this pandemic.

Available Warranty

Even though some pieces of kitchen equipment are reassessed and fixed, a lot of them still have a warranty that can very useful if ever they are needed to be brought to their manufacturer. There are pieces of kitchen equipment that are only used for a couple of years, which makes them somehow new. These pieces of kitchen equipment are expected to work for a very long time.

All these benefits can truly help businesses obtain significant savings when it comes to buying commercial kitchen equipment. Just make sure, however, that these pieces of equipment will be bought from a reputable source. If you are thinking of buying pieces of refurbished kitchen equipment for your business, then contact us at A1 Cooking Equipment.

We can supply a vast range of reconditioned pre-loved cooking and refrigeration equipment. We can also refurbish your equipment and bring it back as new, meeting or exceeding the current regulations. We would also be happy to quote on the removal of any obsolete equipment you may wish to dispose of. We can truly help your business operate optimally amidst the pandemic.


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