Important Factors to Consider in Commercial Kitchen Design

Blog | April 12th, 2018

If you asked anyone where the heart and soul of a home resides, the majority of people would likely point toward the kitchen. It is true that kitchens are incredibly important when it comes to the layout and design of a home as well as the comfort of the inhabitants. However, a commercial kitchen isn’t like a conventional kitchen and the two require very different approaches during the design phase. Today, we are going to walk you through a few key factors to consider when pondering how to design your commercial kitchen.

Designing a Commercial Kitchen
Commercial kitchens are altogether different from your regular kitchen. While an oven, stove, and some counter space sounds like enough for any of your cooking needs, this just isn’t the case. Commercial kitchens are revered for their ability to tackle any culinary problem, big or small while presenting the cook in the kitchen with all of the tools to make the job happen. How do we get to this point while designing our own commercial kitchen? First, we start by laying out key factors to focus on:

1) Budget – The very beginning of every conversation surrounding kitchen renovations needs to be centred on the budget. Designing a high-quality commercial kitchen can require a ton of money up front or a little bit of ingenuity. Companies like A1 Cooking Equipment offer refurbished stainless steel appliances and cooking equipment in order to help customers save money while building their dream kitchen.

2) Size – Commercial kitchens simply require more space than traditional kitchens. Taking advantage of each square inch of your kitchen space can be the key difference between a successful commercial kitchen and one that doesn’t quite work out.

3) Layout – Layout is obviously important when designing a kitchen, but it is even more important when designing a commercial kitchen. Stations have to be appropriately placed in order to maximise efficiency and energy usage. The layout of the kitchen also has to be conducive to having different ‘stations’ for cooks to work at.


4) Kitchen Appliances and Equipment – Choosing the right kitchen appliances and equipment matters. Whether you’re opting for brand new or second hand commercial kitchen appliances and equipment, you need to determine if it came from a reliable source and supplier especially for second hand ones. It is important that there will be spare parts or accessories available should there be a need for repair and since you will require a lot of usage with bulk capacity, brands that you need to choose should have good reputation as well.

5) Health & Safety – Finally, you have to pay close attention to all health and safety standards. Kitchens are dangerous places in the best of times, so it never hurts to be careful when following all safety guidelines.
If you are ready to take the next step toward outfitting your commercial kitchen then reach out to A1 Cooking Equipment today. At A1 Cooking Equipment, Melbourne residents will be able to get everything that they need in order to ensure that their commercial kitchen is ready to go.

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