Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Refrigerator for Your Commercial Kitchen

Blog | January 22nd, 2020

There are instances, especially if you are starting out in the commercial kitchen business, wherein you have to make certain sacrifices just so you could get things done. Starting a business is expensive enough that budget restrictions in purchasing your needs are almost always part of the norm. You may be eyeing that state-of-the-art, newly-released refrigerator but you end up with a used one because you need money for other purposes.

No need to neither feel sad nor fret about it. After all, it is important to start learning how to live with the hands you are dealt with. Knowing how to utilise the resources available to you in the best you can is proven to be advantageous in the business industry. That is why if you decide on purchasing a used refrigerator, you must make sure it will be worth your money. Below are important things to consider when purchasing a used refrigerator for your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Space

Before purchasing a refrigerator, or any appliance for that matter, you should first measure your space. Start with the length, then width and depth of the area in your commercial kitchen where it will be placed. Always keep in mind to provide a three-centimetre clearance on each side and on top. This is the first and most important step because used refrigerators, more often than not, are non-returnable.

Prior Research

There is no harm in doing a little bit of online research before physically buying a refrigerator. Check on existing appliance reviews and take note of manufacturers that produce more reliable units. Familiarise yourself with the necessary repairs and operating costs so that you will be prepared should things go south. Also, read up on the accounts from people’s reports on whether the unit they bought is proven satisfactory for a commercial kitchen.

Stick to a Price Range

Do not forget that you are buying a used refrigerator because of budget limits. You should strictly stick to a certain price range and only look at refrigerator units that fall on that range. Check all varieties taking into account their age, make and model.

Know Where to Buy

Used refrigerators are everywhere, once you start looking. You can find some advertised in classified ads and online sites like eBay. You can also score a good unit in a garage sale, used appliance stores, thrift shops and flea markets. Or word is out that a family, friend or relative is moving or remodelling their kitchen. Sometimes cheap refrigerator units in excellent condition are found in the most unusual places, and they will definitely fall on your hands if you know where to look.

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