Kitchen Equipment Audit: Know What to Refurbish or What to Remove

Blog | March 13th, 2020

Kitchen equipment audit is not something you do on a regular basis. However, experts suggest that such a move is essential for the business to develop and save money in the long run. A kitchen equipment audit allows you to use your space more effectively. In order to efficiently push through your kitchen equipment audit, you must know what to refurbish or what to remove. Below are some ways on how you can benefit from a kitchen equipment audit.

Cost Effective in the Long Run

Kitchen equipment is expensive and so are the bigger repairs that are out of warranty. Regular check-ups and maintenance prove to be pocket-friendly in the long run. Minor faults and damages can be easily spotted and fixed when equipment is regularly maintained. This way while normal maintenance cost is added to your wallet, in the bigger scheme of things cost of repairing equipment damage of a higher degree is avoided. The cost of repairing a high degree of damage is far more than regularly maintaining the equipment which makes regular maintenance a much better option. Apart from that, poorly maintained equipment use more energy and will add to your energy bills.

What is more is that regular maintenance increases equipment life so the cost of having to buy new equipment is also deferred. Even the cost of food wastage is decreased as the scenario of wastage due to poor machine performance is eliminated. To add to that, equipment warranties cover only the first few years wherein the chances of a huge breakage is less. So using those warranties on regularly maintaining your equipment makes the entire process of equipment maintenance itself very cheap.

Maintain Food Quality

The state of your equipment directly impacts the state of your food. Remember even if the chefs cooking in your kitchen are the best of the best, if the tools that they use are faulty, there is only so much that they can do. The quality of food will definitely deteriorate even if just slightly. On the other hand, if your equipment is well maintained, its performance will compliment the chef and enable him/her to experiment, take risks and create food that is leagues above other kitchens.

Increases the Equipment Life

When equipment is operated upon regularly, normal wear and tear is a given. Regular maintenance ensures that there is no extra damage apart from this anticipated depreciation of the machine. Thus regular equipment maintenance in kitchens ensures that the equipment damage does not lead to its premature breakdown. That way the life of equipment is sustained and in fact, increased because even the effects of regular depreciation are substantially decreased. When you maintain your equipment regularly, you can spot minor damages and get them fixed which averts bigger, more hazardous damages and increases equipment life.

Improves Health and Hygiene

Finally, kitchen equipment needs regular maintenance because it is a healthy habit. Regular equipment maintenance includes regular sanitization. This ensures that the hygiene of food and kitchen is not compromised.

Reduces Fire Hazard

Most fires in kitchen kitchens are caused due to equipment breakdown. Regular maintenance of kitchen equipment ensures that there is no risk of a fire hazard.

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