Most Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Blog | March 26th, 2018

When it comes right down to it, what you need more than anything in a professional restaurant is a well-equipped commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens can be absolutely invigorating to walk into when they are properly stocked and capably equipped. From shining steel counters to racks filled with all of the proper cooking gear, it can be like walking into a chef’s paradise. When trying to build your own commercial kitchen you will, at some point, need to address what kitchen equipment it is that you need to purchase. Fortunately for you, we are here to help you out. So, today we are going to lay out the essential commercial kitchen equipment that could potentially need. This list will be a great starting point for you as you begin your shopping, but it won’t be completely exhaustive so be prepared to do further research!

Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Alright, when you walk into a commercial kitchen, what is the first thing that you see? Obviously, you are going to see a crew of chefs hard at work, but that isn’t what we want you to focus on. Instead, look at the walls and you’ll find a few of the most important pieces of commercial equipment that you can purchase: stoves and refrigeration.

Your stove/oven and your refrigerators are going to be the most important pieces of commercial equipment that you purchase. Buying industrial, commercially-ready refrigerators and ovens can be quite expensive. If you want to cut down your expenses while filling out your kitchen, consider shopping for used commercial kitchen equipment. Buying this equipment used is an easy way to cut down your costs while still getting high-quality commercial kitchen equipment.

Once you’ve gotten your stoves and refrigeration taken care of, you need to start looking to rounding out your stable of gear with some lesser-used, but equally important pieces of equipment. Among these pieces of equipment, you should consider adding:

1. Self-Cooking Combi Steamer
2. Hobart Mixer
3. Commercial Grade Microwaves

All of this equipment should ideally be accompanied by strong workspaces for you to work around. We advise adding stainless steel equipment and counters in order to keep your kitchen looking clean while staying durable during your busy periods of preparation.

Finding the Right Equipment with A1

At A1 Cooking Equipment we have been manufacturing and supplying commercial kitchen cooking equipment for almost 40 years. Our goal is to help you find the right equipment for the needs of your business. If you are ready to take the next step, give us a call today.

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