New vs. Used Cooking Equipment: How to Choose the Best One for Your Business?

Blog | April 7th, 2021

Cooking equipment pieces are tools that allow kitchens to effectively store different types of food products and cook various types of delicious meals. While some business owners would opt for new cooking equipment pieces, some would prefer used ones given the advantages that they can offer.

Both new and used cooking equipment have their own share of benefits to business owners. To know how to choose the best one for your business, then here is a quick comparison between the two.

New Cooking Equipment

New cooking equipment pieces are tools that are truly brand new and can be purchased from stores with complete packaging and accompanying warranty. They are expected to operate fully without any issues as they have undergone numerous tests and assessments. They must also be free from defects and damages as they come directly from the manufacturers.

You may want to opt for new cooking equipment pieces for your kitchen if you want to obtain tools that have a significantly longer service life and associated warranty. New cooking equipment pieces are likewise expected to boast the latest technology, advancements, and updates from the industry. So, if you want to fully maximise new functions and operations, then you must go for new cooking equipment pieces. Your business can likewise benefit from new cooking equipment pieces since they do not breakdown easily.

The only downside with new cooking equipment pieces is that they have higher initial upfront costs than their used counterparts. This drawback encourages some business owners to go for the used ones.

Used Cooking Equipment

Used cooking equipment pieces, on the other hand, are kitchen tools that have been repaired or altered due to their past issues or defects. Most of their issues or defects are considered to be minor, allowing them to be purchased and used again for a reasonable amount of time.

Purchasing used cooking equipment is often considered if repairing new equipment is not lucrative in the long run. After all, used cooking equipment pieces can still function optimally and are significantly cheaper compared to the new ones. You may also opt for used cooking equipment pieces if you are just starting out, as long as they do not breakdown on your first few years in the business. They are also great if you intend to help the planet in terms of reducing waste and energy.

Used cooking equipment pieces, however, are expected to have some disadvantages. They may come from an unknown supplier. So, some of them might still not work properly despite servicing them repeatedly. They might also lack the latest technologies and components as well as warranties.

The advantages and disadvantages presented on buying either new or used cooking equipment can help you determine the right cooking equipment pieces for your business. If you need some more help, just give us a call at A1 Cooking Equipment. We have been supplying and manufacturing cooking equipment, refrigeration, and allied items to the hospitality industry for more than 39 years.

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