Pre-owned Commercial Kitchen Equipment: A Practical Choice for New Businesses

Blog | May 11th, 2020

Acquiring tools and equipment is necessary when you are managing and running a new business with a commercial kitchen. Equipment like stoves, refrigeration units, and ovens are needed so that your commercial kitchen can offer and serve high-quality food products to your guest or consumers. One way to acquire these products is by purchasing them in stores. However, another option that is available for you is to buy the used ones.

Investing in new products will always be the greatest choice for business owners. However, there are some instances where buying pre-owned kitchen equipment is more practical. After all, some pre-owned kitchen equipment is still usable and is in pristine condition. So, if you want to cut back some expenses without sacrificing quality and functionality, then you may want to opt for pre-owned kitchen equipment.

Benefits of Pre-owned Kitchen Equipment

When you invest in pre-owned kitchen equipment, you are guaranteed to save a tremendous amount of money. In fact, some pre-owned commercial kitchen equipment can even be purchased for half the original cost without compromising quality. You can even haggle with sellers if you think the selling price is not yet reasonable. Purchasing used equipment can also give you more breathing space for other expenses like renovations and other future expenses.

Another great thing about pre-owned kitchen equipment is that they possess the same quality with new kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchens usually have a high turnover rate when it comes to kitchen equipment and tools. So, it would be possible for you to purchase and obtain second-hand items that still look brand new. Additionally, pre-owned kitchen equipment usually has complimentary items that you can either use or sell again for additional savings.

If you are into recycling and upcycling materials, then purchasing pre-owned kitchen equipment would be great for you. Using pre-owned kitchen equipment lets you save them from being thrown out to the landfill, even if they are still useable and manageable.

Purchasing Pre-owned Kitchen Equipment

Of course, any purchases of pre-owned kitchen equipment must be done with caution. Just like purchasing household and other commercial equipment, buying used kitchen equipment can also be risky. To avoid getting scammed or tricked, you must check and test the whole equipment if it can still be used in your kitchen. Check signs of deterioration, corrosion, strange noises and odour, and other elements that can tell you the condition of the equipment. Knowing its operation history can also help you assess its usability.

You must also keep in mind that warranty service might not apply to pre-owned kitchen equipment. If they get damaged after a few uses, then you have no other choice but to pay for its repair service and have them fixed by professionals.

Buying pre-owned kitchen equipment brings a lot of benefits for your business, especially if you want to allocate some of your capital to other more important things. If you want to buy high-quality pre-owned kitchen equipment, then give us a call now at A1 Cooking Equipment. We can supply a vast range of reconditioned preloved cooking and refrigeration equipment. We can also refurbish your own equipment and bring it back to as new condition, which will meet or exceed the current regulations.

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