Problems That Obsolete Kitchen Equipment Might Cause Food Business Owners

Blog | March 8th, 2019

When it comes to running a full-service kitchen, you have a lot to deal with on your plate. Not only do you have to ensure that you are always getting quality food out to your customers, but you must also make sure that you have the right equipment in order to make it happen. While kitchen equipment may appear timeless, and all of those retro diners certainly make that implication, the truth is that they are not. Over time, your once reliable kitchen equipment can turn into an obsolete burden. Obsolete kitchen equipment can pose many problems for food business owners throughout the country. Today, we are going to show you why obsolete equipment can be so problematic.

Dealing with Obsolete Kitchen Equipment
There is a certain limitation that old and obsolete kitchen equipment is beholden to, in terms of helpfulness. While purchasing refurbished kitchen equipment can be a great way to save money and improve your kitchen, obsolete kitchen equipment is an entirely different story. Obsolete kitchen equipment is a class of equipment that is no longer produced or actively supported by the original manufacturers. In short, obsolete kitchen equipment can be something of a relic in your food service business. As a result, several major problems can manifest.

1) Lack of First Party Support –
When manufacturers quit producing a certain item, they will begin to phase out their support of it as well. Your obsolete stove, for example, might run into issues that the manufacturer would have covered a year ago but are no longer willing to help with. Not only are we talking about warranty support, but we are also talking about simple customer support over the phone.

2) No Replacement Parts –
When a piece of equipment becomes obsolete, the manufacturer will likely limit or quit producing replacement parts and components. When this happens, you run into very real issues pertaining to the long term viability of your equipment. A problem that could have easily been fixed before the product became obsolete will suddenly weigh much heavier on your mind.

3) Expensive Product Support –
As replacement components quit being produced, the supply of parts on the market will begin to dry up. What once was a cheap replacement component will now be excessively expensive. Obsolete kitchen equipment can make even the smallest repairs turn into a Herculean task that tests both your patience and your bank account.

If you want to stock your kitchen with quality equipment but you need to save money, refurbished is the way to go. Here at A1 Cooking Equipment, we can provide you with quality equipment at an affordable price!

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