Pros and Cons of Purchasing Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Blog | July 12th, 2022

If you are in the process of purchasing kitchen equipment for your commercial kitchen, you may be wondering which type of kitchen equipment is the best choice for you especially if you are facing budget constraints. Equipment procurement may be an easy task to make but it is a big responsibility. If you are on a tight budget, buying used kitchen equipment can surely help fit your budget. The important thing to remember is to make a wise purchasing decision and carefully assess which equipment does not require to be new and which ones you can buy used. If you are already decided to buy used equipment for some of the kitchen equipment, here are the pros and cons of purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment.


More Affordable

One noteworthy advantage of purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment is you can buy them at a depreciated cost. Purchasing used kitchen equipment can even let you haggle over the price of each piece of equipment since it is usually sold at a lesser price which will help you save up a portion of your initial capital. However, you must have to find the ones with lesser price but still of good quality.

Quality is Like New

Since the pandemic started, a lot of newly opened restaurants have closed their stores which also prompted them to sell their used kitchen equipment. Used commercial kitchen equipment utilised for only a shorter period usually has a quality like that of brand-new kitchen equipment hence, you can ensure that the quality is like new.


The good thing about buying used commercial kitchen equipment is they are very cost-efficient. Buying second kitchen equipment means upfront savings. Without a doubt, buying second-hand kitchen equipment is a smart way to maximise your limited capital since you won’t have to pay the original price. It is a very advantageous way of saving money especially if you are looking for a way to save up on equipment procurement.

Easier to Purchase

Opening a new restaurant is very time-consuming. Purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment can save a lot of your time because purchasing is easier these days. Online procurement makes it even easier. A lot of used commercial kitchen equipment is now being sold thru a lot of platforms. You just have to do your research and read reviews of old customers to ensure that the equipment is still in good working condition.


Has Less Variety

Purchasing used kitchen equipment means there are lesser choices because they have less variety. Thus, you may only have to s choose what is only available and settle with what is being offered to you unlike if you buy new kitchen equipment where the choices are unlimited.

No Warranty 

Unfortunately, buying used commercial kitchen equipment does not come with a guarantee. So, when something goes wrong with the equipment, there is no item replacement, and you will have to shoulder the repair and maintenance cost. Equipment failure is inevitable, especially for used kitchen equipment. Hence, buying good quality used kitchen equipment is very crucial.

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