Reasons Why You Should Never Use Substandard Stainless Steel Equipment in Your Commercial Kitchen

Blog | February 28th, 2018

If you ever get the chance to walk through a high-quality, professional commercial kitchen then do so. You’ll be almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stainless steel appliances, utensils, and commercial cooking equipment. There is a reason that every great chef prefers to have stainless steel in their kitchen. There is also a reason why these same chefs refuse to bring substandard stainless steel equipment into their workplace. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of bringing in high-quality stainless steel kitchen equipment as well as the consequences of using substandard material.

Stainless Steel – Are they all the same?

You might have been like us at one point, convinced that all stainless steel was made exactly the same. After all, steel is steel, right? Of course, this isn’t the case. Like everything else in life, stainless steel comes in a variety of different qualities. Each grade of stainless steel allows you to get a new list of benefits on your side. Before we discuss the benefits of high-quality stainless steel, let’s first take a moment to ass some of the reasons why you should NEVER bring substandard stainless steel equipment into your home or commercial kitchen.

1. Toxicity
– Lower grades of stainless steel can lead to the leaking of nickel into your dish. If you are going to cook a delicious meal, spend a little bit extra in order to keep your food safe.

2. Corrosion
– Lower grades of stainless steel are also, surprisingly, susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion is never a good thing and you certainly won’t see it in a quality commercial kitchen.

3. Appearance – A clean stainless steel kitchen tool is going to shine and look amazing in your kitchen. Cheaper stainless steel will have a dull complexion and it will be harder to keep clean in the long run. Remember, the wow factor is important!

As you can tell from the problems above, good stainless steel will really pop. High-quality stainless steel is corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and incredibly safe for everyday cooking.

Finding the Right Stainless Steel Equipment

Once you’ve decided that your kitchen needs high-quality stainless steel equipment, you are already setting yourself on the path to success. At A1 Cooking Equipment, we help to set our customers up with the products and solutions that they need in order to maximise the potential of their own commercial kitchens. Our talented staff can walk you through the different options for your needs while keeping your budget in mind. If you’re ready to start reforming your commercial kitchen, contact us today!


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