Refurbished Turbo Fan Double Deck Oven: Practicality and Versatility Combined

Blog | June 7th, 2021

The hospitality industry and its respective businesses can utilise numerous types of oven. One of these ovens is the double deck oven. This type of oven has a rectangular form factor that is packed with wide flat trays and decks that can work independently. There are some varieties of double deck oven that are modular, while others have decks that are built permanently on top of each other.

Just like other types of oven, the double deck oven can easily heat and cook food whenever necessary to the desired temperature. One great thing about this type of oven, though, is that it can be reliable. Most double deck ovens can provide great heating performance without any difficulties. Another great benefit of this type of oven is that it can offer more heated meals in just a short time. The presence of decks allows businesses to cook many food products in just one go, which can cut any excessive waiting time.

A Refurbished Oven Can Still Be Useful

While food-related businesses have to invest a lot of money for their needed cooking equipment pieces and appliances, they also have to be wise in terms of their budget. Allocating too much money in just one new cooking product is not only impractical but also inefficient.

Hence, spending money on refurbished cooking equipment pieces can be a great alternative to businesses that have to save for other needed expenses without compromising overall operations. As long as these equipment pieces have been truly checked and serviced and have come from a reliable company, then they can easily guarantee excellent performance and astonishing longevity.

And so, a refurbished double deck oven can certainly be useful for businesses.

Practicality and Versatility in One Oven

Opting for a refurbished double deck oven, particularly the Turbofan double deck oven can surely benefit commercial kitchens. This specific oven exhibits practicality, especially if it has been refurbished given the value and quality that it can still bring to the table. By purchasing a refurbished Turbofan double deck, one can easily save a lot of money due to its lower cost. And with a small start-up food business, they can never go wrong with this particular product given the features that it possesses.

A refurbished Turbofan double deck oven contains controls that can be effective in optimising cooking temperature and operations. Each deck of this oven can likewise cater to up to 5 full-size sheet pans, which are already plenty with most commercial kitchens. It even features great materials so that the oven can be more durable, more resistant to elements, and easier to clean and maintain.

Versatility can also be manifested by this refurbished oven. The presence of a special moisture injection mode can ensure that the meat and poultry will not be dried out during roasting. It likewise has a wide range of control options to ensure all cooking operations can be done.

Given the features that it contains, the Turbofan double deck oven can be utilised in almost all cooking and baking applications. To find out more about this oven, just contact us at A1 Cooking Equipment.


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