Signs that a Used Commercial Kitchen Stove is Still a Good Buy

Blog | July 11th, 2018

When it comes to outfitting your commercial kitchen, you are likely going to be looking for as many ways as possible to save some money. Equipping your commercial kitchen isn’t an easy task, especially when your budget is tight — such as in a new restaurant or in a hospital. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on your total budget. One of the best ways to save money is by purchasing your commercial kitchen stove used. Used commercial kitchen equipment is the key to a nice kitchen on a better budget. With that being said, how can you tell when a used commercial kitchen stove is worth the money? That will be the focus of our discussion today.

Signs That A Used Commercial Kitchen Stove Is Worth The Money

Your kitchen’s stove is the beating heart of your entire kitchen. Without the right stove in your kitchen, the rest of your work becomes essentially impossible. Manufacturers of brand new stoves understand the need for their products and that is why they are routinely so expensive when purchased ‘out of the box’. Buying a used commercial kitchen stove can save you money, but it can be difficult to identify which used stoves are worth the money. Let’s look at a few key ways you can analyse whether or not the used commercial kitchen stove you are looking at is worth the price tag.

1) Condition – You are first going to want to analyse the overall condition of the stove. Stoves endure a lot of wear-and-tear when they are used in a busy commercial kitchen. Little dings and scratch marks aren’t a big deal, so try and look past them. You don’t want something that looks like it was dropped out of a plane, but a few nicks and bruises are okay.

2) Interior Components – Unsurprisingly, the most important aspect of your commercial kitchen stove is about what goes on INSIDE of the machine. Take a close look at the interior components of the stove. From the gas pipes to the burners themselves, make sure everything appears to be in working order.

3) Consult Your Needs – Finally, consult the needs of your specific kitchen. Is this stove overpowered? Underpowered? Were you lucky enough to find a commercial stove that fits all of your needs in one single package?

There are many ways to outfit your commercial kitchen on a budget. If you’d like help finding the used commercial kitchen equipment that you need, give A1 Cooking Equipment a call today. We can direct you to quality used kitchen equipment at a price that you can depend on.

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