Simple Guidelines for Cleaning Commercial Convection Oven

Blog | May 10th, 2022

Safeguarding the health and safety of your customers must be your top priority when running a restaurant or catering business. This is why food hygiene and sanitation standards for the commercial kitchen, bakeries and other food service establishments are very strict. Commercial kitchens are expected to observe the stringent cleaning practices not just in the whole kitchen area but most importantly, in the equipment and appliances. One of the most used appliances in a commercial kitchen is the commercial convection oven which requires daily after shift wiping for spillages and deep cleaning at least once every six months. Having a clean commercial convection oven is very important and to make sure you do it right, here are the simple guidelines for cleaning a commercial convection oven.

Unplug the Convection Oven before Cleaning

Safety first. Avoid the risk of electric shock by unplugging the power cord first in your commercial convection oven before cleaning them. Doing so will make the cleaning process safe for you and prevent any accidents.

Use a Cleaner with No Harsh Chemicals

Before you grab your cleaning supplies, make sure it does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage the exterior finish of your commercial convection oven. Might as well use natural cleaning agents like vinegar and lemon juice to clean the food grease and grime.

Start With the Interior

It is better to start with the interior of the commercial convection oven before proceeding with the exterior part since they have the most food grease and crumbs from constant cooking where bacteria can likely accumulate. Remove the racks then clean the interior walls using a soft sponge or brush and mild detergents.

Then Clean the Exterior Part

When you are done cleaning the interior part of the convection oven, proceed now to the exterior part. The exterior part of your commercial convection oven only requires gentle wiping with a soft damp cloth and should be dried immediately.

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