Some Examples of Pre-Owned Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Their Essential Uses

Blog | February 27th, 2020

Starting a commercial kitchen business can be expensive especially with equipment and construction costs.  Consequently, you must ensure that you purchase certain kitchen equipment that are functional yet still falls within your allotted budget. Many commercial kitchen owners have resolved this struggle by purchasing pre-owned equipment. Below are some examples of pre-owned commercial kitchen equipment and their essential uses.

Refrigeration Equipment

Used refrigerators are everywhere, once you start looking. You can find some advertised in classified ads and online sites like eBay. You can also score a good unit in a garage sale, used appliance stores, thrift shops and flea markets. Or word is out that a friend or relative is moving or remodelling their kitchen. Sometimes cheap refrigerator units in excellent condition are found in the most unusual places, and they will definitely fall on your hands if you know where to look.

A1 Cooking Equipment has both a single and two-door freezer for your refrigeration needs. Polar Dl 896-a-02, Ck 480-a-02 and Ck 479, are available in their pre-owned section for your perusal.


Before purchasing any appliance you should first measure your space. Start with the length, then width and depth of the area in your commercial kitchen where it will be placed. Always keep in mind to provide a three-centimetre clearance on each side and on top. This is the first and most important step because used refrigerators, more often than not, are non-returnable.

A1 Cooking Equipment has brands like Blue Seal, Garland, Unox and Mofatt for your pre-owned commercial equipment needs.

Charcoal Grills

There are several reasons to buy a pre-owned charcoal grill for your commercial kitchen. The most obvious one is budget. In these modern times it can be really hard to come up with a couple of hundred bucks for a new charcoal grill, or a couple of thousand if you want a good one. Or you might just be very thrifty and are happy to let someone else lose money on a new charcoal grill. The second reason is that you may be looking for a particular type of charcoal grill that can’t be bought new anymore.

A1 Cooking Equipment has brands like Waldorf, Garland and True Heat. These are available in types such as True Heat 600mm and 900mm and  Waldorf CH8600G-LS with dimensions of 600W x 805D x 1130H in 171.00kg with a  power of 66MJ/hr.

Even if pre owned, the Garland Grill Heavy Duty Restaurant Series Griddle features Garland’s 15mm thick cast-iron “H” Burners for maximum efficiency and reliability in your kitchen. With Garland’s burners providing the most effective heat distribution in the foodservice industry in addition to having the largest useable cooking surface, the Garland Restaurant Series Griddle is guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

For more information on pre owned commercial kitchen equipment, contact us at A1 Cooking Equipment. We are known to supply to supply all brands of cooking and allied products for all your commercial kitchen needs and preferences. We also have a vast range of reconditioned pre loved cooking and refrigeration equipment.

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