The Benefits of Installing Commercial Combination Ovens in Commercial Kitchens

Blog | December 12th, 2019

Even though commercial combination or combi ovens have been on the market for approximately 40 years, many commercial kitchens still do not contain one. This is a shame due to the fact that these ovens are multi-functional and helpful in fulfilling the needs of a busy restaurant or other food-service kitchen in numerous ways. Also, they are cost-effective because you will require fewer separate pieces of equipment to handle the same tasks as these ovens perform efficiently. We provide you with the following information to further educate you on these ovens and their benefits.

What Are Commercial Combination Ovens?

Commercial combi ovens are ovens that perform steaming and convection cooking along with a combination of both when necessary. During steaming, these ovens regulate the humidity levels precisely to cook rice, poach fish and steam vegetables by injecting water into the allotted chamber. In convection mode, these ovens cook with dry heat. On top of these two modes, the combi ovens can also use both steam and dry heat in the same cooking period in the right proportions to bring about ideal results.

Advantages of Using Combi Ovens

1. Flexibility in Cooking Options

Versatility in food-prep options is one of the top benefits of owning one of these ovens for your commercial kitchen. No other piece of professional kitchen equipment is as multi-functional as combi ovens.

2. Reduction in Shrinkage

When dry heat will lead to shrinkage in food, you can switch to the combination or steam mode to reduce it substantially. Customers will receive more product for their money, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and additional business.

3. Saves Labour and Time with Food Preparation

Combination ovens are so efficient that they reduce the labour and the time it takes to cook your dishes correctly. Your kitchen runs smoother as a result.

4. Prevents Flavour Transfer between Foods

Flavour transfer is a huge problem in commercial kitchens. The combi ovens reduce and even eliminate this issue due to their operational method.

5. Combi Ovens Are Energy-Efficient

Your goal of energy efficiency with your kitchen is possible when you install one of the combination ovens. They operate in an energy-conserving way.

6. You Will Need to Purchase Fewer Pieces of Equipment

Along with the above advantages, you will require fewer pieces of equipment in your kitchen since the combi ovens perform so many tasks effectively. For this reason, these ovens are budget-friendly to invest in for your commercial kitchen.

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