The Importance of Choosing Major Brands When Purchasing Used Dishwashers for Your Commercial Kitchen

Blog | August 7th, 2019

If you’ve ever spent more than a minute inside of a commercial kitchen, you’ll know how important a dishwasher can be. In a commercial kitchen, you are charged with quickly cleaning dishes for use. If your dishes can’t be cleaned quickly enough, you won’t be able to properly serve your customers. Dishwashers have to be both durable and effective, but they also cannot be cost-prohibitive. So how can you approach getting your next dishwasher? Are there any special ways you can get the most for your money? Today, we are going to explore how buying a major brand of used dishwasher can positively impact your commercial kitchen.

Benefits of Choosing Major Brands for Dishwashers

When it comes to differentiating between dishwashers, you might feel compelled to look only at features and price. After all, is there anything more to a dishwasher than the features that the appliance comes with and the cost that you pay for your purchase? While it may not seem like it, there is actually more to the equation that you are missing. Buying off-brand dishwashers can save you money up front, but the decision can come back to haunt you. Keep on reading in order to find out how.

1) Name-Brand Recognition –
When you purchase a popular brand of dishwasher, you are purchasing more than just a name. In fact, you are purchasing everything that the name stands for. Major brands of appliances are typically going to be a better quality than their knock-off counterparts. There is a reason that these are the most popular brands, after all!

2) Reliable Appliance Support –
There is more to making an appliance purchase than simply buying the product on the day. When you purchase a dishwasher, you need to know that you will be able to maintain the machine in case anything goes wrong. With niche brands and knock-off appliances, you can end up with a broken dishwasher that doesn’t have any professional customer support. Suddenly, a minor problem can turn into a full-blown panic. Most major brands will support their dishwashers with exhaustive warranties and repair practices.

3) Easy to Acquire Parts – If you’ve ever owned your own vehicle, you’ll know how hard it can be to purchase replacement parts. With niche products, finding replacement parts and mechanics that can work on them can be downright difficult. Most major appliance brands will have a catalogue of replacement parts that are easy to find, affordable, and easy to work with.

When it comes time to purchase a used dishwasher for your commercial kitchen, make sure that you know what you are looking for. Contact our team at A1 Cooking Equipment for access to all the top used dishwashers around.

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