The Importance of Flat Top Stainless Steel Benches for Commercial Kitchens

Blog | January 15th, 2019

Are you looking to put together the ultimate commercial kitchen? If you ever walk into one of the top kitchens in the world, you’ll be shocked to see just how many stainless steel products are in the room. The truth is, stainless steel appliances are integral to crafting a great kitchen for fast paced work. Today, we are going to highlight a specific stainless steel product: the flat top stainless steel bench. Let’s roll through what exactly makes these products ideal for commercial kitchen use.

Flat Top Stainless Steel Benches: Pros & Cons

If you are looking to craft the ideal commercial kitchen, your focus will obviously be on assembling an array of products that are durable and hygienic. Your goal is to give your chefs and assistants the space that they need in order to get their work done. What kind of products can fill all of these specific needs? Flat top steel benches, of course. Let’s roll out a few of the tangible benefits that lining your kitchen with steel flat top benches can provide.

1) Hygienic Work Space – First and foremost, stainless steel is lauded for being a food grade material. If you are working in food preparation, you need to have surfaces that are safe to work with. The last thing that you need is potential germ and bacterial build up due to using nonfood grade materials.

2) Durable Surfaces – Everyone knows that the food preparation world is fast-moving and filled with a ton of work. Whether you are dicing up meat and vegetables or hammering away with meat pulverising, you need a surface that can take a beating without degrading. Thankfully, flat top stainless steel benches are ideal surfaces for these situations. Stainless steel is tremendously resistant to conventional wear-and-tear so you should have no concerns about surface degradation.

3) Additional Prep Space – Flat top stainless steel benches are also great ways to improve the storage and prep space in your kitchen. These steel surfaces can be as wide or narrow as you want them to be. Additionally, these benches can come with movable casters that allow you to quickly re-arrange your commercial kitchen floor plan in order to maximise efficiency. In the fast-moving world of a commercial kitchen, you are going to want your benches free to move in order to adjust to your needs.

While there are no ‘one size fits all’ products for commercial kitchens, flat top stainless steel benches are pretty close. With quality stainless steel benches in your kitchen, you’ll have the space to work that you need while utilising high-quality materials.

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