The Importance of Having Quality Ice Makers in Commercial Kitchens

Blog | September 24th, 2019

If you work inside of a commercial kitchen, you know how busy and hectic it can get. A busy commercial kitchen can be tasked with handling an incredible amount of tasks all at once. To make the job possible, commercial kitchen owners will invest in the proper machinery to facilitate a smoother process. One of the most important machines inside of a commercial kitchen is that of the ice maker. Today, we are going to discuss the impact that a high-quality ice making machine can have on a commercial kitchen.

Advantages of High-Quality Ice Makers

Whether you are in a hospital cafeteria or a fine dining establishment, you’ll need access to quick and convenient ice. Ice helps make the restaurant world go round, and you can’t get away without having one in your commercial kitchen. While an ice-making machine may seem like a silly product, the truth is that they are vital to many operational benefits. Let’s outline those benefits, below.

1) Ice on Demand –
When you have a commercial ice-making machine in your kitchen, you have access to ice on demand. Depending on the actual holding capacity of your ice making bin, you’ll be able to get enough ice to handle your entire workday. Prioritise larger ice makers if you work inside of a larger kitchen. While you shouldn’t run out of ice, you certainly don’t want that possibility to arise.

2) Improved Taste – As a commercial kitchen, it is pretty obvious that you are going to want to provide your customers with great-tasting products. When it comes to handling drinks, ice from an ice maker will taste so much better than ice from a traditional source. Your ice maker will allow you to create purer ice that you don’t need to dig through with your hands to access. Merely grab a scooping device and your cup and get to work!

3) Save Time, Improved Efficiency – Walking into a busy commercial kitchen can reveal a room in chaos. Of course, that chaos is organised and tightly controlled by the kitchen manager. With that being said, you can cut down on some of the chaos while improving your efficiency by adding an ice maker to your commercial kitchen. With a great ice maker, you don’t have to send a member of your staff down the street to pick up ice. Nor do you have to send a staff member to dig through the ice the old fashioned way.

While ice maker machines aren’t exciting to look at, they provide a wealth of benefits to your commercial kitchen. To explore potential commercial ice makers, contact our team at A1 Cooking Equipment!

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