The Pros and Cons of Using a Double Oven Range

Blog | November 18th, 2021

Cooking equipment pieces are essential to commercial businesses that serve customers with delicious meals. One of the most popular cooking equipment pieces that these businesses utilise is the range.

What is unique about the range is it combines a cooktop and an oven in one frame or body. The mixture of these cooking tools can easily save tons of space for food service establishments, particularly in their kitchens. Through a quality range, employees can easily bake, broil, simmer, fry, roast, and sauté any food in one unit.

Commercial kitchens can use different types of range. However, one great type of range that a lot of businesses use is the double oven range. To know more about the double oven range, here are some pros and cons of maximising the mentioned cooking equipment.

Pros of Using a Double Oven Range

Before knowing the pros of using a double oven range, you must first understand its primary composition. A double oven range is comprised of a small top oven paired with a large oven below it. A cooktop is then situated on top, ensuring that it can conduct most cooking activities optimally.

Now, one of the advantages of using a double oven range is it can provide a lot of cooking space. Compared to other types of range, a double oven range can easily allow employees to cook or bake many food products whenever they want. A double oven range can likewise permit employees to cook different types of dishes concurrently. And since a huge quantity of various food products can be cooked all at the same time, then the time needed for serving the customers will be cut significantly.

The lesser cooking time that the double oven range provides can likewise save a lot of energy and add value to the business. Energy is saved since multiple cooking activities can already be done in just one go, while value is added to the business since it can ensure increased sales in the long run.

Cons of Using a Double Oven Range

Despite the advantages that the double oven range brings, it can still possess some cons that you must consider and know.

One of the disadvantages of using a double oven range is that can be costly. A double oven range’s average price is known to be higher than other types of range. So, if your business has a limited budget, then opting for others could be a good move for you. Another con of using a double oven range is that it does not have any storage space. Other types of range boast storage spaces for pots and pans. A double oven range, unfortunately, does not have one.

Despite the disadvantages of the double oven range, it can still be utilised by commercial kitchen owners like you thanks to its unique benefits and features. To purchase a double oven range, you are free to call us at A1 Cooking Equipment.

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