Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Refrigeration Equipment for your Commercial Kitchen

Blog | May 1st, 2019

When outfitting your commercial kitchen, you are likely to be up against a budgetary wall. Commercial kitchens are not cheap to outfit nor are they cheap to operate. In order to maintain a well-stocked commercial kitchen, it can be beneficial, at times, to seek out refurbished or used equipment. Fortunately, buying high-quality used commercial refrigeration equipment is as easy as calling the right people, like our team here at A1 Cooking Equipment. Before you make your next purchase, however, you should take some time to understand what you are looking for. Today’s discussion will be focused on key concepts that you need to understand before buying used refrigeration equipment.

Tips for Buying Used Refrigeration Equipment
There is a clear-cut advantage to purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment. When you are buying used commercial equipment from a reputable provider, you are getting a quality product at a fraction of its original price. As a result, many business owners are outfitting their commercial kitchens by first starting with refurbished equipment. Unfortunately, it can be easy to make mistakes when you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for. As a result, we’ve compiled a few simple concepts that you’ll want to be aware of as you shop around for used refrigeration equipment for your commercial kitchen.

1) Understand Product Quality – There is a marked difference between used equipment and refurbished equipment. When you are talking about a piece of used equipment, there is no set standard for the quality of the product. If you are buying used refrigeration equipment, specifically, take some extra time in order to inspect the quality of the item. A reputable provider of used kitchen equipment will have its own standards. Our team here at A1 Cooking Equipment makes sure that all of our equipment is operational and in great shape.

2) Access to Replacement Parts – Buying used refrigeration equipment can be beneficial from the perspective of finding replacement parts. Older refrigeration equipment, such as a cooler or freezer, will have more replacement components out and on the market for a cheaper price. When you buy used commercial kitchen equipment, consider buying replacement components that you think you might need at the same time. Stay prepared for future problems by preparing for them today!

3) Stick to Your Budget – When you shop for refurbished commercial kitchen equipment, it can be easy to maximise the return on your investment. Still, pay careful attention to your budget and your list of needs. Even a great deal can send you over budget if you buy too many products. Make a plan of attack and stick with it.

Here at A1 Cooking Equipment, it is our goal to provide you with the best used commercial kitchen equipment possible. Contact our office today in order to discuss your used refrigeration equipment needs.

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