Top 6 Cooking Equipment Your New Restaurant Should Possess

Blog | January 11th, 2021

Opening a new restaurant can be thrilling, especially if one has planned for it for a very long time. While a lot of new restaurant owners prioritise the appearance of their establishment, others would invest more in obtaining most of the needed essentials such as appliances and equipment just to start and eventually sustain their operations. If you are one of those who have recently opened a new restaurant, then here are 6 important cooking equipment that you should possess right away.

  1. Burners

One type of kitchen equipment that is needed in restaurants is the burner. It is an apparatus that uses electricity or fuel in producing heat for cooking processes. Burners normally come in various variations such as freestanding and benchtop, allowing them to perform optimally on commercial kitchens. In using this specific cooking equipment, you must consider the types of pans and pots that you will be utilising.

  1. Ovens

Another cooking equipment that can be extremely helpful in restaurants is the oven. Commercial ovens can be versatile as they can carry out different cooking processes such as baking, roasting, broiling, and drying, which are all needed in coming up with an all-around food menu. These ovens can be powered by either electricity or gas. Similar to burners, they can either come in standalone or benchtop variations.

  1. Griddles

For quick heating process, restaurants can benefit tremendously with griddles. Griddles are comprised of a broad flat surface that is heated by gas, electricity, wood, or coal. Mostly, however, commercial kitchens tend to favour cast iron griddles due to their durability and even heat distribution. Stainless steel griddles are also great since they do not require intensive cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Ranges

Ranges are one of the most bought cooking equipment in restaurants due to their versatility and convenience. These cooking equipment combine burner and oven in one standalone unit, making them great for commercial kitchens that have limited space and layout. Other types of ranges likewise offer a combination of burner and griddle, which would be great for those that already have standalone ovens.

  1. Grills

New restaurant owners like you should obtain grills right away. Grills are cooking devices that can easily roast food through charcoal, wood, or gas. The smoke from charcoal or wood can effectively change and enhance the flavour of the food, making the grills essential when it comes to commercial kitchens. Grills do not only offer great flavour, but they also provide a reliable and fast cooking process.

  1. Deep Fryers

When it comes to frying a large amount of food, restaurants can easily utilise commercial deep fryers as they do not compromise quality and consistency. These cooking equipment are deemed to be safe and hygienic, allowing kitchen personnel to freely fry food without encountering any health problems. Deep fryers may come in standalone and benchtop variations, which can be handy for select restaurant layouts.

These cooking devices are great for those who want to open and maintain the operations of their restaurants. If you want to obtain these things, feel free to contact us at A1 Cooking Equipment.


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