What are the Different Types of Commercial Washing Equipment?

Blog | April 29th, 2021

Establishments that offer meals to customers must have a kitchen that is clean and free from any dirty elements. Aside from having a clean kitchen space, all the things that will be used for preparing, cooking, and serving meals must also be cleaned thoroughly.

Clean kitchenware, utensils, and others can stop any bacteria and germs from spreading around the commercial kitchen space. Dirty elements are likewise prevented from reaching the food products, which subsequently protect the customers from getting any foodborne illnesses.Thorough cleaning of these tools can also prolong their service life, providing business owners substantial savings throughout their operations. And fortunately, commercial washing equipment can help clean these things efficiently.

For commercial kitchens, there are numerous types of commercial washing equipment that business owners can choose from. Some of these types are the following:

Commercial Dishwashers

One of the most common types of commercial washing equipment that a lot of business owners own is the commercial dishwasher. Commercial dishwashers are designed to wash tableware and cutlery in just a short time. Most plates, knives, spoons, and forks can be handled by these dishwashers, given that they can perform washing at either high or low water temperatures. These cleaning devices can likewise maximise chemicals to effectively disinfect all these kitchen products, all without getting damaged thanks to their sturdy materials and state-of-the-art design.

Commercial Glass Washers

Another type of commercial washing equipment that can be beneficial for kitchens is the commercial glass washers. Handling glassware can be different from tableware and cutlery due to its fragile nature. Glassware, which is mostly comprised of glass dishes, drinking glasses, and glass containers, can easily break on other types of commercial washing equipment. But with commercial glass washers, these things are expected to be cleaned and sanitised very carefully. These glass washers can be beneficial for establishments that have high drink turnovers, which include restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs.

Pass-through Dishwashers

One more type of commercial washing equipment that can benefit an establishment is the pass-through dishwasher. Pass-through dishwashers, which are also known as hood type dishwashers, are known to be reliable and efficient due to their overall structure and functions. They feature a feed-in and feed-out table so that dirty and clean plates can be placed and stacked out, respectively. Pass-through dishwashers are great for establishments that often serve more than 230 meals throughout each service period. They are also suitable to places that have adequate space for their placement.

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