What are the Different Types of Ovens for Commercial Kitchens?

Blog | July 23rd, 2021

Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that maximise commercial kitchens should have all the necessary equipment and appliances so that meal preparation and cooking activities can be conducted successfully. One cooking equipment that these places must utilise is an oven.

Ovens intended for commercial use are known for their capability to be used continuously throughout the business operations of the establishments. They likewise have larger dimensions and higher power capacity as opposed to residential ovens. Commercial ovens also have a faster heating capability and more durable build. They can even meet various health and safety codes or standards easily.

All these features of commercial ovens make them great for a lot of businesses. But to effectively cater to the needs of each establishment, commercial ovens are further grouped into various types. Here are some types of commercial ovens that you must know.

Standard Oven

A standard oven is known as the default type of a commercial oven. This type of oven utilises a heating element in its bottom part, enabling the transmission of heat into the entire body of the oven. What is great about the standard oven is that it can cook almost all recipe. It can likewise be maintained and repaired faster as opposed to other types of commercial oven. One drawback of a standard oven would be its inconsistent heating rate or capacity.

Convection Oven

A convection oven, alternatively, can generally function similarly to the standard oven. But one addition to the convection oven that makes it different from the standard one would be air circulation. It features some fans inside the appliance to properly circulate the warm air while cooking. The integration of fans makes the cooking function faster. It likewise prevents any instances of hot or cold spots in the oven, providing a more consistent cooking temperature throughout its operations.

Conveyor Oven

Boasting a unique take of cooking food, a conveyor oven maximise impingement, a cooking method that blasts hot air on the food. This oven likewise maximises a looping conveyor belt to pull food and let it pass through the areas where hot air is blasted from the heating elements. As the heating of the oven continues, the velocity of the hot air increases, which cooks the food quickly and precisely. Restaurants and pizza shops that need continuous output of food items can maximise this type of oven.

Deck Oven

A deck oven is typically reinforced with a heavy stone shelf or deck on its bottom portion, which can heat up and cook the food that will be placed above it. This type of oven can be very useful in producing bread-related products. However, it cannot be used to cook food in general since the deck portion can take a very long time to pre-heat. Additionally, cold spots can easily develop inside the oven. This type of oven can be very useful for bakeries and pizza shops.

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