Why Should You Opt for Customised Freezers and Refrigerators for Your Commercial Kitchen?

Blog | May 9th, 2018

Outfitting a commercial kitchen can feel like a herculean task at the best of times. Commercial kitchens have to be able to check many different boxes in order to function correctly. They have to be carefully designed in order to maximise efficiency while still retaining safety and price considerations. With all of that being said, why is it so important to make sure your commercial kitchen is outfitted with customised freezers and refrigerators? Your refrigerators and freezers are quietly the most important aspects of your kitchen and as such, they deserve some extra attention. Let’s break this question down and learn the key benefits that custom freezing and refrigeration can provide.

Choosing Customised Freezers and Refrigerators

If we were to ask a dozen people what the heart of their kitchen was, at least half of them would probably reply with ‘refrigerator’. Your refrigerator and freezer are the quiet and stabilising forces within your kitchen and choosing to put them last on your priority list just doesn’t make sense. While massive grills or fryers will catch people’s attention, more attention needs to be pointed toward freezing and refrigeration — especially if you are wanting customised equipment. Speaking of customised equipment, why should you get a customised freezer or refrigerator?

1) Customisation for Your Kitchen – When you customise your refrigerator or freezer, you are setting your kitchen up for success. With customised equipment, you are able to tailor your gear to the exact requirements that are intrinsic to your kitchen. Size, quality, price, and location — it is all up to you.

2) Cater To Your Space
– Commercial kitchens are only efficient when their entire space is used effectively. A commercial kitchen, whether it be in a hospital or a busy restaurant, has to be safe and effective in order to succeed. Your refrigerator and freezer units will take up plenty of space, so getting them customised will allow you to maximise your potential.

3) Follow Your Budget
– When you customise your commercial refrigerator or freezer, you are also taking control of your budget. Finding money to budget an entire commercial kitchen can be tough, so don’t let any advantages slip by you. Customise your refrigerator and freezer for your price point and reap the benefits.

Customise Your Kitchen with A1 Cooking Equipment

Ultimately, when adding a refrigerator or freezer to your commercial kitchen you are going to need to take stock of several different aspects in order to make a great decision. When you are ready to take the next step, contact A1 Cooking Equipment for help. We’ll guide you through the process and help you set up your kitchen for success.

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